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  • I recall us all having this conversation before the start of the season and if i recall correctly before vermaelen was bought.
    I am please that Gallas seems to have put evey thing behind him and playing well.
    It is to me shocking how the teams spirit was erroded by those two who are now at city and how Wenger seemed to do nothing at the time it was happening

    while i am happy with the first two i am still conserned about the lack of back-up as Senderos and Silvetre just do not help me feel that the defence is tight
    hangeland the fulham guy was one i did think might be ok for us but as it did not happen have been watching him as much as fulham have been on TV and have not been as impressed so far this year so far he seems slower? or is it hughes his partner is not as good so he is having to cover more?
    He is to my eyes not playing as well as last year
    so has anyone seen any other defenders who might be a reasonable price and ok as back up for vermaelen /Gallas??
    Looks like the CESK GK is going to go to united shame I thought he was good a couple of years ago

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    • Alex we are talking about backup? How many reasonable to good defenders do you think are willing to sit on the bench for the majority of the season? next to none.....

      Senderos and Silvestre are just fine.

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      • Forget Silvestre, he is shite at football and ugly as wall. Djourou on the other hand is young and can get better, we should partner him with Senderos and ship that clown anywhere we can for free. I can't believe we paid good money for him 750 THOU IS TOOMUCH FOR THIS GERIATRIC. Just my opinion.

      • Senderos and Silvestre are just fine....as long as they stay on the bench.

        Hangeland is not the type of player who would be happy to play second fiddle to either Billie or the Verminator.

        AW shocked us all when he sold Toure, as like many here I thought Gallas was the weak link. As it turns out, it was Toure!

        I'm hoping Djourou's development steps up a bit. Then we will not only have another young defender, but another strong and tall one to put in the mix. Silvestre must go at the end of this season, and I can see AW letting Senderos go too. We do have Nordtvelt coming through who could replace him next year.