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  • outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Nov 15, 2009 04:15 Flag

    RVP injured?

    Saw that he was substituted in the 15th min of the match against Italy, was wondering if he got injured and how bad?!! Doesn't sound good but keeping my fingers crossed till something concrete is reported.

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    • November has always been a bit of a dog for us. I blame the players who feel the need to wear gloves as soon as the temperature gets below 10 celsius. pansies. lol

    • Hope you are right John, I just get this horrible uneasy feeling whenever Nov comes around!

    • "Relying too heavily on Eduardo worries me"

      No need to worry Dave. You've already mentioned Vela, Arshavin and Theo. We've also got Nasri and Rosicky back and when Bendtner comes back, that will make 7 other players capable of scoring, to go with the likes of Fab, Diaby and Vermaelen who have already stuck in some good goals this season. Ramsey scored a beautiful goal against the Scots this week too, and can be considered a useful member of the first team this season after a few good outings for us, and now Wales.

      RVP will be missed, but I don't think it's anywhere near the tragedy that a lot of people are making it out to be.

    • diving team
      lol cantona you sold the best DIVER in the world so go away and SHUT UP

    • Relying too heavily on Eduardo worries me. Cannot really see Vela coming into the equation either
      Just hope Arshavin stays fit and Theo is soon back for a long period.
      The trouble is, we have no big guy up there - unless Wenger goes a bit radical and moves Diaby to a more advanced position - stranger things have happened!
      Diaby always seemed like a frustrated forward to me.

    • sunderland wont be easy but expect you to win it, then hope you draw with the blues, however it will not mean anything if we dont take advantage of any slips you or chelsea may have,
      ifs, buts, and maybes, aint that why we love this bloody game so much lol

    • Chris is quite correct Jones is still banned,Cana will return for the game after a one match ban, until his next ban .He will collect at least a yellow against you's,Jones would not be missed if we had a decent 3rd choice striker as Campbell is a man off.The biggest miss over the last half a dozen games has been young Cattermole a future must in the midfield of England .We still should be able to give you a bit of a game instead of the usual romp a draw would be a great result against possibly the finest football team in the top flight.

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      • Hi Bob.

        You must have a sixth sense when it comes to Sunderland.

        I think we all knew Cana would pick up a few cards this season. Not sue about your back up keeper, but he might be busy.

        The Arse are not only scoring well, but unlike the last few seasons, we aren't scared of shooting either.

        Looking forward to a good game, another three points and another four goals.......I hope.

    • Bloody Hell - if this is true, Rafa really must have lost it!
      For all his ability, I would imagine Eduardo is the last player their injury hit forward line needs at the moment!
      If Arsenal did sell him to Liverpool, I would imagine that would mean Wenger believing he will never recover fully

    • Out for two months with ankle ligament problems.

      Just as well we have got Eduardo, Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott, Vela, Fab & even Vermaelen who can and have scored this season.


      Rafa won't be buying Eduardo as £10m is not nearly enough to get AW interested. AW would be mental to sell him just as RVP gets injured. Going to Liverpool now would be a step backwards in Dudu's eyes. Dumb speculation.

    • Then you see this ...

      Liverpool are ready to swoop for Arsenal striker Eduardo da Silva, who is unhappy he has not been offered an improved contract.

      Arsenal rocked by Van Persie blow, Rafa Benitez is ready to exchange £10m for Eduardo who, if paired up front with David Ngog, would be perfect for a spot of synchronised diving.

      Couldn't have said it better myself.

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