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  • Layla Layla Nov 19, 2009 06:37 Flag

    henry-talented guy but never been someone u can respect

    after henry double handball broke irish hearts it just reminds me of what a arrogant cheat henry is.
    talented footballer but its hard to like someone who regularly cheats & acts so arrogantly.
    really for sorry for ireland.
    but france want care & nor will henry.

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    • Yep he deliberately cheated and will rightly be admonished for it. Why has this been raised on the Arsenal board though is a complete mystery as he left our club two and a half years ago! Also not once did he cheat in an Arsenal shirt - he didn't need to as defenders could never get anywhere near him.

      No surprise a Spurs fan raised this as she probably remembers his goal in a 3-0 humping when he ran the full length of the pitch to score and then ran back to celebrate in front of the Spurs fans. One of my favourite Henry moments!



      .....ALWAYS CHEATING!!!'

      Never gets old!!!

      Remember that France game when he held his face and went down when not even touched, now THAT was comedy!!!

      Where was Platini then, eh?!

      And just for the record, Wenger 'didn't see it' neither!

    • But remember- the French have friends in high places - a bt of a travesty though

    • One thing I don't understand about all this is that France drawing is supposed to have deprived ROI going through, as France won 2:1 on aggregate. How does that work as it would have been, on aggregate, 1:1 AET. Wouldn't they go to penalties?

    • Stop following what the MEDIA are saying .... Use your own judgement, Rooney got sent off because he stamped on Carvalho END OFF. nothing more nothing less .

      The same goes with all this Henry saga, we all talk about it because the media are making a thing out of it. If he had done this against Albania for example, no-one would have mentionned it and no-one would talk about it.... that's the reality.
      If Rooney had done this against Germany in a WC final the papers here would Head line "Get in There we stuffed them".
      Stop being hypocritical about this.

      It's harsh on Ireland as they don't deserve to be deprived of a chance of penalty kick outs after their efforts but the game won't be replayed for obvious reasons (that would mean EVERY single wrong Ref decision would be called for a replay).

      The issue here is Video refering, UNTIL this is used these issues will never disappear....

      Finally, Henry 's reputation MIGHT be tarnished in the Bristish Island (not sure about it entirely) but that's it, stop fooling your self about it.... Maradona is seen as the best football player ever in many countries around the world despite what he did vs England in WC 86. ...Shumacher, (RFA keeper in WC 82)has a tarnished reputation in France what he did against them in the semi finals but no where else ...why because at the time, the medias in France made a big thing of it...which goes back to my original point about the medias in general.

    • 'No one is defending the unfortunate handball by Henry. What Henry did was totally out of character and on the spur of the momen' ? Really slayer ? So, answer my question then. If he did the same thing for Barca against Arsenal, would you think the same thing ? A yes or no would suffice.

    • I remember, and I hate to say this because he was a Liverpool player, Fowler falling in the area, the ref gave a penalty, and Fowler, after telling the ref it wasn't a penalty , shot straight at the goalkeeper, who , of course saved it.

    • I'd rather have anyone in the world cup than Keane and K'Hunt.


    • someone cheats & u go on about a goal he scored yrs ago.
      talk about irrelevant.
      its a joke he got away with cheating & i feel really sorry for ireland.
      good point about the late decision to introduce seeding when they realised some big teams could be drawn against each other.
      football is losing integrity way too fast.
      iv just come to accept that everything is geared to helping the bigger club teams, but surely not the bigger countries as well.

    • How would Arsenal fan feel if Henry did the same for Barcelona against Atsenal in a Champions league knock-out tie ? I'm sure slayer and paul would defend Henry , eh ?

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