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  • The way he's been playing lately I question if Carlos Vela would do a better job.

    He is not the player he used to be, is he?

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    • There are some stupid football fans in here.
      all the great players, in fact all the great teams have a loss of form or confidence during the course of a long season.
      That's a fact !
      Eduardo's movement without the ball is there for everyone to see.
      His first touch is there.
      infact,everything he is doing is good apart from scoring.
      The problem is when VP was playing , Edu couldn't get a game.
      When he got a game he played wide this meant he had to do a lot defending.
      This is not really his position. Right now he is asked to play central but he has to interchange with Arsha every 5 or 6 minutes.
      Once again Edu is willing to do it for the team.
      We have a fine player,that's Eduardo

    • That puts Bendtners total time away at around 3 months, pretty much par for the course for an Arsenal injury these days.
      That means we have lost 8 months from our strikers so far - I wonder if Wenger regrets all that haggling over a couple of million over Chamakh, we could certainly do with him now.
      Just hope Arshavin, Gallas and Vermaelen keep off the treatment table.
      Wenger is a genius but he really has to frankly and honestly look into causes or our injury situation

    • No he's not, and we can't hold it against him as it as happened to many players who have suffered horrific injuries.
      He could still reach a better level in the future, but for now we need to look elsewhere for an attacking alternative whilst Van Persie is injured.
      Not Carlos Vela though!

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      • 4*'s

        Dudu appears to be still in 'recovery'. Not the physical, but possibly the mental attitude required to compete again.

        It is too early to assume he will never get back his edge, but Larsson and Cisse both made full recoveries from horrific injuries. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he gets back to his full potential soon.

        In the meantime we can afford to give him some more playing time to sharpen up as we have got so many other players scoring. Vela can do a job, but the responsibility is too much for him to bare alone at the moment.

        The potential purchase of another striker in January may give us another string to our bow. The one AW wants has started to put up his price by saying he wants to stay in Bordeaux until the summer. Who knows what January may bring.