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  • The Londoners The Londoners Jan 6, 2010 05:03 Flag

    Para Parody The Truth about Non Believers

    I'm happy I still annoy the shit out of you Parasite, but I'm tired of your disbelieving lies. Firstly, judging from your passed confessions on here you seem to have been in music over in the uk, been to MUtd's ground but dont know where the shithouse is at the Stratford End so you must have pissed in your pants. Arrived in Australia around the mid 60's. Parasite that puts you at around 70 plus years old doesn't it. Secondly.
    My friends in Urunga where we built their home over 20 years ago are still enquiring as to who you are, and when you are going to turn up as I told them you promised you would. They assumed you were a friend of mine. I was happy to disappoint them. Once again the email address shargrainger@hotmail.com ( you lied when you said you sent them an email. They received nothing)
    Don't disappoint us again on here Parasite OK! We all know what a bloody liar you can be. Once again its PO Box 50 Urunga, NSW. OK Got that arsehole. Dont forget to let us all here know how you got on. Perhaps an email address from you or at least a telephone number where we can ring you in the middle of the night your time. Hows that Parasite, deal or no deal? Of course you wont do anything old timer, and make youself look the disbelieving prick you are. So better jog on down the RSL and have a consolation drink with your aussie mates, who probably see you as a Pommy a/hole, if I know Australians. Now when you pluck up enough courage, I want you to ask them in Urunga who built the house there, and you will hear the names were John Diggers, JayB, and Pete G. Then you might ask them who was it who held the best FA Cup parties in Sydney through the years when Arsenal made it to Wembley three times in a row, they will tell you JayB. A true Arsenal supporter from N7, and not an English turn coat.
    Oh fuck! I forgot to mention. I googled all this info.

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