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    Arsenal Transfer Rumours

    Well it seems this transfer season will be boring as the last few ones. But there have been a few interesting rumours all the same.

    Carlton Cole to Arsenal was one which has been floating around since he scored against us. But the 9 million price tag makes the whole thing look like a silly rumour! :)

    Merida going to Atletico Madrid in summer is a sad loss but with Ramsey emerging strong in the last few matches, few will shed a tear over his departure but with us he could have been a regular team player. All the best to him all the same.

    Cardiff City's teenage defender Adam Matthews seems to be on our radar along with MU. Soundsa good but one for the future if it does place.

    But the one which has got me thinking is our so called interest in the 19 year old Cluj striker Lacina Traore. At 6 feet 6 he sure will be useful in set pieces. From the few clips on youtube, it seems he has a decent shot on him as well. Sounds like a AW signing and at around 4M he will be bargain! Again one for the future but could give us vareity up front when called upon.

    The only scary thing is he is being called the new Adebayor! It is for is playing qualities and similarity in size (He is half a head taller than Ade!) But that is disturbing all the same! :P

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    • Erm I am NOT sure 9 Million is cheap for Carlton Cole he does it seems have an injury record which is a worry and he seems to take 1 chance in 5-6 which is also to my mind not to good for that sort of money
      Just looked up his west am records 28 goals from 105 matches which is not 9 Million pound striker form is it??

      also had a look at this knee injury which is alleged to be
      "The news about Cole’s degenerative condition is likely to raise serious concerns and lower his transfer value
      we have enough sick notes i think we dont need another !! IMHO
      what about the chap who plays for the German outfit wolfs burg he looked a bit of alright in a poor team the few bits i saw in the champions league matches Edin something or other ( mind i saw in the sun so it must be right that his club want 20 million)

    • Merida going to Atletico Madrid in summer is a sad loss
      please may i ask WHY will it be sad or a loss
      I have seen the guy play live twice and on the TV twice

      The games i saw he couldn't seem to pass to a player of his own team
      he scored one fantistic goal (carling cup)
      rest of time seemed to me he ran around like a headless chicken so I cant see all this highly rate stuff cos so was Alialidare highly rated when he was not injured and he has hardly set the world alight since beng sold finally
      All this guy does is go out on loan to Bl@@dy spain he is supposed to be going to play for Arsenal notsome Spanish outfit and we play in the EPL so why was he allowed to go on loan twice to spain? that would not prepare him to play EPL football IMHO
      so please tell me what did i miss??? what he does in the 2nd team and training pitches dont matter to me its what he does when he pulls on the FIRST team shirt that matters in my book and not a great deal else and that is not only him but all the players in the first team squad

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      • I happened to see the best of Merida when he was playing for the Spanish U21 or U19 team. He was one of the most influential players in the side and scored some brilliant goals. He is not the finished product, he is behind Ramsey, Wilshere in terms of development.

        But at Arsenal he could have realised his potential. The running like a headless chicken part has to do with a lack of experience rather than lack of skill. In terms of touch and shooting abilities, the guy is up to the mark. Personally it will be sad to see him leave for nothing! We invested a bit on the lad and we come out empty handed, that is what will hurt more!

      • Merida is way down in the pecking order, but could have provided us with depth in the squad in a few years time. Vela is ahead of him both in terms of development and success in the team, and is only a year older at 20.

        I guess the only drawback is that Cesc will have to find himself a new flatmate.