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  • lex lex Jan 7, 2010 09:48 Flag

    Arsenal Transfer Rumours

    Erm I am NOT sure 9 Million is cheap for Carlton Cole he does it seems have an injury record which is a worry and he seems to take 1 chance in 5-6 which is also to my mind not to good for that sort of money
    Just looked up his west am records 28 goals from 105 matches which is not 9 Million pound striker form is it??

    also had a look at this knee injury which is alleged to be
    "The news about Cole’s degenerative condition is likely to raise serious concerns and lower his transfer value
    we have enough sick notes i think we dont need another !! IMHO
    what about the chap who plays for the German outfit wolfs burg he looked a bit of alright in a poor team the few bits i saw in the champions league matches Edin something or other ( mind i saw in the sun so it must be right that his club want 20 million)