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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Jan 8, 2010 18:18 Flag

    Here's the FINGER John..

    Sorry i missed your little "party" yesterday.

    Seems i must of REALLY upset the supposed "United" posters who inundate this board with CRAP day in day out and at the same time the "Arsenal" posters who happily bend over backwards to please them on a regular basis.

    Those very same Arsenal....cough...cough.....oh shit i am having trouble saying this.."supporters" who only EVER have a BAD word to say about "THEIR" club and who dont even know what the pub they claim to be their "Local" looks like or even which road its on.

    203 HOLLOWAY ROAD chaps.

    On the "CORNER" like i said .......all along.

    Entrance is AROUND THE CORNER through the ARCHED Doorway.

    Toilets at the back, DOWN the stairs, on the RIGHT.

    STRANGE they DIDNT know that in my book.

    But "hey ho".

    Hmmmmm......come to think of it, as i recall, this ALL BEGAN when i had the sheer AUDACITY to claim i had sussed a few MULTI ID merchants......aint that right Silly Christopher? Dopey Butch? ...nah, of course not.

    OH dear.

    What a HORNETS NEST That stirred up.

    (i wonder why).

    Since then i have been accused of doing ALL SORTS of things. Having MANY ID's myself and rating posts in the middle of the night.

    Sorry folks.

    I post as Fabongrass and nowt else.

    I have NO need to lie.

    Unlike you pathetic C*nts.

    So saddo Derek "Mr Arsenal Through and through but only ever slags off the club and NEVER posts when Arsenal WIN" enters the frame TELLS me he wants to play a "WIND UP GAME" and tries to call me out on the "pub " question.

    And he ends up WRIGGLING HOPELESSLY on the FLOOR because you see, some of us actually HAVE been there........ Silly Derek.

    (203 HOLLOWAY ROAD ........silly Derek).

    Next up he goes all "LOOPY LOU" and as if by MAGIC a plethora of ID's appear mainly from Manchester and the mists of time trying their best to dig "Silly Derek" out of the grave HE dug HIMSELF.

    And now WE want to go for a " DRINK".

    1. If you lot went for a drink in "Phibbers" silly Dereks......"Local", i would be in a totally different pub to you guys OBVIOUSLY......because the "Phibbers" i frequent is at 203 HOLLOWAY ROAD and Dereks IS NOT as HE STATED.......QUITE CLEARLY.

    2. If you think i could go to that pub and "Enjoy" a drink with " Silly Derek" and be all "matey" you will be dissapointed.

    3. If you think i dont have better things to do and BETTER people to spend my time with, you are sadly mistaken.

    4.I WILL be in the ONLY "Phibbers" i know at some point in the future, NO DOUBT about that and if i see a silly looking bloke in a "trilby hat" i'll tap him on the shoulder and buy him a pint, thats a promise.

    Have fun with the Multi id's.

    I guess the United fans get bored stiff when old Wenger proves them to be wrong all along and they have to rely on "Silly derek" for an excuse to visit this board.

    Shame you ended with Egg on your face Del.

    (or should i say Chris?...or perhaps its Butch?...or is it Eric? whatever).

    So heres " the finger" John sorry if you find that a little impolite.

    Funny how the offer of "friendship" wasn't extended before.

    Oh and i "put this to bed" a day or so ago when i announced derek was on ignore....you just wouldnt let it rest now would you.

    And rest assured.........i WILL be ENJOYING my pint.

    Stop with the fibs eh.

    Much Love.

    The SAGACIOUS......Fabongrass.

    (Hmmm.....about an hour or so's work today, then off sledging with the kids again).

    Dont work too hard.

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