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  • lex lex Jan 11, 2010 10:56 Flag

    childish in the extreme

    I would like to pop in here on occasion to see what is what with the club who people have spotted that might be worth a punt in the transfer markets
    what some folk think about the financial situation of our club and Man u as well as Liverpool
    we all now assume that Chelsea and Man city can buy who and what they like as they have exorbitantly wealthy owners who it seems can write off millions of pounds at a whim
    But i cant find anything about any of the above
    all i can see is about a pub and if its on the corner or not and people calling each other names
    we all know that if you dont know any songs you are plastic even if you were between the ages of 6- 15 when you were supposed to be filling your brain with such trivia
    I am interested in what I call MY club it has been MY CLUB for years and years I did used to go to Highbury but have only been to the emirates once for DB's testimonial I have my doubts that I would be able to afford to go even with a disabled ticket on a fortnightly basis as i would not be in a position to afford the travel and yes i do work !!
    so can you guys sort out this silliness please and let these boards return to normality very soon

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