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  • VictorS VictorS Jan 12, 2010 06:23 Flag

    Arsenal - how a club should be run

    lol exactly the bonds just passes the debt over to our kids or our grandkids...eventually you cant do that anymore and either the principal has to be flattened out or the debt gets converted into equity diluting the current shareholders and owners of the club....either way the Company and club is a going concern and thats why SAF cant buy in January and thats why Vidic and others will be sold....

    My gunners do it right, build talent in house...organically develop players within the system youth youth youth....cultivate a stable of talent to perform for you or at least make you a profit when you sell them....still buy a few hired guns but to spend TOP dollar on the previous years top players in the world is a strategy that will leave you heavy in the red and is still NO guarantee for winning trophies...

    Chelsea in champions league.....Im looking at you....

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    • I think Man Utds finance statement today was quite staggering - on the face of it, a good profit - similar to that of Arsenal FC but only when you consider it was made thanks to an £80m selling.
      Man Utd have remaining maybe a single £40m player and a £17m defender to leave in the summer...then....not much - maybe a Berbatov offload tops £12m. So, unless they mortgage their future in the bonds issue or sell Rooney, a big loss soon beckons! Tragic mis-management fora brand like that.
      Long may we continue a stable successful enterprise without dodgy debt enhancing foreign control

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      • did you see the finance bloke they got on sky sports news he was talking about primary and then jr dept it was staggering I flicked the record button so i could hear it a couple of times to try to understand

        he was saying the whole debt could well be in excess of £1.2 billion by 2017 since they are paying a bit of what he called the primary debt but othing off the jr debt which they are being charged 14.75% interest which is just rolling up on a sum of about 65 million this period of not having to pay tht part ends in 2017
        I just thought it was really very very scary as lets be honest they have had unbridled sucess over the past 10 years they have NOT made a profit but an overall loss on transfers in and out including the 80million in since the glazier family took over in 2004/05

        I wonder what would happen if they hit the buffers and the unthinkable happend just like it looks like it will to liverpool
        I personally blame the FA or this Fit and proper loy I cannot see how you can buy a football club as a person and then trasfer all the debt to the club that just seems utterly wrong to my simple mind