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  • Mandy D Mandy D Jan 13, 2010 20:56 Flag

    Liverpool Europa Cop CL places?

    Just something a caller discussed on the radio this morning, in no way confirmed.
    The main point, IF Liverpool win the Europa cup, (and they may throw everything at it) this caller believes they automatically get a CL place next year taking up 1 of the EPLs 4 places.

    IF this is true and actually happens, presumably it means only the top 3 go into next years CL?

    any truth in this?

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    • some poor liverpool fan s wishful thinking
      I belive they will HAVE to win the Europa to Qualify to play in the Europa next year as i now have my doubts that they will finnish high enough in the EPL to do so.
      IMHO for what it is worth I belive the problems off the pitch along with the fact he did manage to win them the european cup have helped mask the shit buys he has made as manager The team he inherited for Hoolier was to my mind a couple of tweaks away
      Raffa in his stupidity pissed of Alonso chasing Barry from villa then pissed off Villa as he was not prepared to pay the asking price
      This year he Buys a Crock in Aquilani who on last nights showing cant tackle and can only pass sideways (butch Wilkins)
      All over the back of the mornings papers in Fernando Torres wanting players bought to back him or he will be off
      I think He and Gerrad will have to be sold to give Gus hiddink some funds to work with the rest of the crap well they will have to find someone to take them

    • The caller is incorrect.

      The Europa Cup winner qualifies directly for the group stage of the Europa League, not CL.

    • I don't know how it will work or if you get into the Champs league if you win the Europa Cup, lets hope that whatever happens Arsenal do well and make it in the top 3 positions.