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  • lex lex Jan 26, 2010 10:03 Flag

    Does anybody care about football anymore?

    you are so bias in favor of walcott its scary
    He played very badly yesterday and frankly the whole team were very bad the first half
    i thought eastmond was better than both walcott and denilson in the first half
    I honestly think we are missing our SONG like we missed Gilburto folk did not know what he did untill he was out and it seems its the same with song (BTW he does all the dirty work )

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    • *Sunday not yesterday!

    • Alex, have you seriously not taken in any of my points about Walcott?

      I completely agree that he played very badly yesterday, I completely agree that he wasn't great most of last season. But you do NOT sell someone with his talent based on ONE poor performance after THREE consecutive injuries. That is all.

      I agree we are missing Song. I don't think a defensive midfielder is essential in our team, but it is with the way our team's set up at the moment.