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  • Swerve Swerve Feb 1, 2010 04:57 Flag

    Another unheeded wake-up call?

    Remember how you felt after the Chelsea game? Here we go again.

    Not to mention the games against these same teams at the end of last season when it mattered.

    They say madness is doing the same thing but expecting different results.

    I look at City and see that managers of the calibre of Mancini are available and get instant results or at least maintain a good level.

    Why does everyone insist Wenger cannot be replaced without an inevitable decline? Oh yes, our Board didn't even know about him!

    This could drag on for years and it weighs heavy on a Gooner's heart when we are so close to having a truly great side.

    We can of course still win one of the big two competitions, but let's be polite and say it is unlikely.

    I wonder what stats Slayer will use to frame this one?

    Gutted, but expected.

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    • well i can just about recall perry groves he did not start every match and as he himself said he would not get anywhere near this team
      BUT he has what he thinks they lack PASSION FOR ARSENAL
      and the romford pele well yeah remember that twit on telly chavsea fan used to host Football Am with helen oh "its only Ray Parlour " fucking hell what a goal" lol
      its bad we are having to go back that far to cheer ourselves up
      but i tell you wot I aint felt this bad since that trevor brooking headder it was my first cup final !!!

      and you are right they are all the same they can pass a ball ok but not one can fight for the right to pass the bl@@dy ball !!

      Man U looked up for it and also looked as if they wanted it more than our team who looked very very flat to me
      I have never been a denilson fan and have asked on these boards can anyone tell me what wenger sees as i have not seen it.
      It seems to me from what i saw yesterday they have NOT IMPROVED ONE IOTA from the drubbing last year and yet many will tell you Man U are now weaker? without Ronaldo but Nani seems to have done what not ONE of ours did and STEPPED up to the plate

      I am so so very dissapointed i cannot express how hollow i feel

    • It's getting tiring asking for the same thing year in year out, watching the same mistakes repeated over and over...what frustrates me so much is that the good times come in cycles, you dont get them that often and when they do come along, you make the most of it...and that is what frustrates me, we should have made the most of this time with wenger and we haven't...we should have pushed on from 2004 and built a squad that could win titles of some form year after year and we didn't...the league was there for the taking this year and barring a monumental turn around against chelsea its gone for another season.

    • I have to go out for some celebratory drunken debauchery now Outlaws, I'll deal with your post tomorrow, unfortunately for you, hungover... ;)

    • Legend ofcourse buying a better keeper and better striker would improve Arsenal. Thanks for the advise. You are truly a genius.

    • Rooney is your talisman Chris! If he were to miss a few crucial games for MU, you would not cope with his loss! The next highest scorer for MU after Rooney's 20 goals is Berbatov with 7 goals! Without Rooney's goals MU would be out of the reckoning. I am just trying to give credit to a bloody good player. MU is half the team without him. Trying denying that!

      I agree we don't have a replacement for RVP and that is AW's fault. But who is your replacement for Rooney? Fergie has gotten away with not replacing Ronaldo because Rooney has really taken on the responsiblity to play the best season of his career so far. No one in our team has really stepped up to the plate when RVP got crocked to say I am the Man!

      If one of our strikers did half the job Rooney is doing Wenger would have been smiling instead of worrying about the season slipping into abyss next sunday!

    • Change for the sake of it, is what I am afraid of. I completely agree with you that Wenger needs to wake up! But I don't agree to the extent that he needs to leave. Thats throwing the baby out with the bath water!

      I hate the idea of us being content with being the bridesmaid. We had a good chance with the current squad this year. (We would have certainly been better had we had say for instance a Chamkh or a fit RVP!!) But the players blew it! I wasn't optimistic about our chances against MU or Chelsea. For me the results were logical but the scoreline wasn't.

      I couldn't understand how we could draw against WHU after playing them off the park and some other insipid displays against Sunderland, Burnley and co. Those lost points are the ones hurting us.

      The team hasn't made Wenger look good. That's all I am trying to get at. You can blame Wenger for choosing the players he does. But the players also have to carry the responsibility for their f*ck ups! Wenger has been the face for everything good and unfortunately everything lacking at Arsenal of late! Somehow he has stopped getting the credit for all the good work and he seems to only gather the flak for what went wrong! Sometimes even when he isn't really at fault.

      I am just trying not to lose my objectivity just because I am sorely disappointed. It hurts mate but I guess I have learnt to live with it!

      p.s: Cant help the length of my replies mate! I am letting my frustrations out in my own way! Somehow trying to see the other side of the story. I know Wenger is at fault somewhere, but this time the buck has to stop at the team, because they have badly let us down!

    • Oh yes, Liverpool truly are shyte, but I wouldn't be surprised if they get a result against you!

      Benitez is another one who thinks he gods gift to football and is doing no wrong, largely because of an over-the-top group of plastic fans...sound familiar?

    • How has money got anything to do with it?

      How much would a half decent keeper cost? Ours cost f*ck all!

      Expensive players like Berbatov, Nani and Anderson dont necessarily put us streets ahead of you, do they? More hypocrisy coming out of your club!

      Grooming kids in the right place, alongside the right players, not all at once with your most experience players sold, isn't rocket science is it?

      You could afford better cover for Van Persie, theres just no excuse you can give for Wengers mistakes and lack of judgment...end of.

      Liked the 'one man team' insinuation you gave with regards to Rooney and Drogba...utter b*llocks outlaws and you know it.

    • That's the thing. Liverpool are shite and Benitez is doing his best to get them out of the CL this year.

      But there they are.

      4th place isn't all it is cracked up to be and I think more maintainable than most think. It covers a LOT of flaws.

    • Jesus you show me up with the length of your replies, appreciate the effort (not sarcasm).

      I think if we are content to be a bridesmaid then we should stick with what we have.

      But part of being ambitious is to take a little risk. Wenger is a safe option and the entire club and it's fans are living in fear of change.

      That isn't as healthy as most would have you believe.

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