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  • Ahmad K Ahmad K Feb 1, 2010 05:13 Flag

    Another unheeded wake-up call?

    We are the victim of Wenger's delusion. His ego is hampering our growth...May be or may be not. May be the board should also come clean and tell the truth about the funds for transfer. It is a tad weird that Wenger would deliberately dent our hope by being stubborn. .. .Another hopeful season ending in tatters. 2007-8 revisited!

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    • We are on a very similar page but you have to be careful.

      I obviously think when we come up against the best we are clearly wanting (in desire for some players such as Denilson - the twat- which is unforgivable.

      I do think Wenger showed how selfish he was with the cup becayse the fans would havetaken that, but he didn't take it seriously again. Any time he plays Silvestere I think he has been down the bookies putting dosh on the opposition.

      And the mugs on here still kiss his arse. He is all about Wenger, the fans are merely a means to an end.

    • http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/wenger-self-sufficiency-can-make-us-no-1

      We have moeny, these are his own words on the official site.

      Don't believe the BS, this is the manager's choice, not any restriction placed on him. Let that idea end with this.

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      • Wenger has made some progress - we seem more adept at finishing off lower placed clubs this season but we still struggle against the top sides .
        I think half of the problem is that we have had so many injuries that no continuity or consistancy has developed. Birmingham have on the whole exceeded expectations this season - they fielded the same team on 12 consecutive games - no coincidence that helps.
        But when you build an incredibly injury prone squad, not hard to see what is going to happen.
        Wenger seems to have this vision that you can win the league on free flowing football and technical ability, unfortunately you need a bit of steel too and this team lacks that. His vision is failing, he needs to go back to fielding players like Vieira and Petit. I think he also has to get a bit more in touch with fans expectations rather than his other worldly vision
        He also needs a top GK and a striker. He has played a large part of the season without a proper striker - madness he should even be in that position but if reports are true, a result of haggling over a million or two on Chamakh last summer (and all that after bringing in £41m from City).
        As for the earlier thread - if we lose Cesc in the summer - Wenger will not panic, an excuse to bring in Ramsey or Wilshire, unfortunately a few years off being the player Cesc is.
        Very very frustrating - but genuis and madness can be close