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  • ME ME Feb 1, 2010 21:07 Flag

    Wenger buy a good English player if you want to win something!

    Wenger buy a good English player if you want to win something!
    It is very simple!!

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    • It doesn't matter if they are English. To be honest English players are not good. The players in the EPL are foriegners. That's the truth. When Wenger had Henry, Bergkamp, Vieria, Pires, Ljungberg, Wiltord, Kanu, Lehmann, Overmars and Petit, didn't they win they win trophies. Wenger should buy to decrease the defiencies that we have. But he doesn't. If he buys strong target man it would help.

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      • most of them that you have named have more runners up medals than they do winners medals whereas giggs, scholes, neville, brown and rooney have an abundance of winners medals......................and all british.
        tells its wn story really and no im not anti foreign, they bring something different to the table, but im all for having only a percentage of overseas players so it gives our homegrown talents a chance, otherwise in years to come we will have no english players so will not be represented in the world cup finals, so to see rooney carrick lamps terry etc performing so well and leading their clubs on the glory trail can only be good for english football, otherwise if arsenal win the league we would be in the wc finals with our champs providing 1 player, proud to be a united fan, and will be proud to see our players trying to win it for england.

    • Why is nationality relevant?

      I want our players to know about the history of our club.
      I want our players to show passion on the pitch.
      I want our players to not be afraid of getting stuck in.
      I want our players to put the team before themselves.

      If they do those things, I don't give a sh*t what their nationality is, and neither should anyone.

    • i said on our board yesterday that we started with 6 british players,
      our 2 centre halves brown and evans,
      3 midfield of fletcher, carrick and scholes
      and rooney up top, right through the middle of the side,
      these players have that never say die attitude, know the rivalry, know the passion, and that is why we were fired up more,
      add to the fact giggs came on as sub, plus we had owen on the bench and we still have rio and hargreaves in the side,
      and those players know what it means too,
      you play great football at times, have some wonderfully gifted players, but where is the british bulldog spirit when its needed.
      we had it all over the park yesterday.