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  • Mandy D Mandy D Feb 4, 2010 03:07 Flag

    As usual perspective needed

    I really cannot believe some of the stuff I have been reading on here.
    A bad result, the sky caves in and negativity returns to all - or most.
    Seems like a lot of fans on here are as spineless as they are accusing the team and manager.
    As usual, a bit of perspective is needed on here.
    First, it is the beginning of Feb, judge them in May, not now. Anything can happen this season - look at Chelsea last night, maybe some off field problems showing? Who knows - Utd could lose Rooney for a few games and things could change dramatically. Teams, including ourselves have pulled back bigger gaps at this stage than exist at the moment
    Secondly - the majority of our team are, have been or coming back from injury. Our injury list has been horrendous most of the season, I cannot imagine many being where we are now with so many key players missing at different stages.
    Third - loads of critics for Wenger not buying. On the face of it, could be seen as a mistake Two points here, not many others (with the usual exception of Harry) bought either. And - can any of the critics tell me anyone available to us who would have added to this team - Mido? Robbie Keane? Benny McCarthy - they are the calibre of players who have been on the move. Not so easy buying in Jan is it?
    The GK situation - ok you got me on this one.
    Wenger out? And replaced by who? Hiddink / Jose / Capello - could they really do better on our budget and rebuild a team? - because I tell you now, if Wenger goes, many top players will follow. And we all know that our frugal board will bring in an Adams or O'Leary as opposed to a Hiddink.
    Be critical of Wenger / the board / the team as is your choice but the fact remains, the only teams in the EPL doing better than us have spent an absolute fortune, squads built living under none of the financial restrictions we have faced since the stadium and before. Spurs, Liverpool, City and Villa have spend a fortune and languish below us without the CL to look forward to.
    I agree that mistakes were made not strengthening the squad last summer. I would also like Wenger to conduct a full and frank analysis of our injury record - this more than anything does this team year upon year. But look objectively, filter out some of the crap on this board and in the press, reality dictates that Wenger has done and continues to do an amazing job. This is a first rate team and will prove itself in good time.
    For those with a trophy insecurity complex, and superficial new supporters who need bragging rights like pigs need shit,Shankly went 7 years without silverware then built a dynasty, Fergie has had poor spells and what became his dynasty was only saved by a cup final goal years ago. And as for Chelsea pre money - dont get me started. If we win a trophy this year, great if we do not, life goes on and this team gets better.

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    • I agree with you in most areas but I do think that we need to bring in a strong mid-fielder when opportunity comes ! This is a good team and it does have the core for the building of a dynasty, we need to mix skill with some physical presence not to be pushed around and suffer more injuries as results !

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      • We have taken a very affordable debt to massively increase revnue - sounds sensible to me.
        A sustainable club that will exist without a fickle sugar daddy or an owner who plunges the club into debt and will asset strip it to buy it
        I have followed Arsenal since 1978 and seen a lot of ups and downs for Arsenal and their rivals. I think I have seen enough to realise Arsenal have chosen the correct path. Wenger needs to up his game a bit in some areas but this club are on the up, make no mistake.
        We are a solid club on all levels -Our rivals - lets see how news coming out this weekend affects Chelsea (or for that matter England in the short to medium term - may all be a storm in a teacup but I fear not).
        The fake spammer suggests we should go against Wenger for 5 years without a trophy. Is that not the sign of the ultimate plastic? So should most teams fans desert their team for such reasons? Did this fan desert Man Utd in the 1980s (assuming he really supports Utd) when they were crap or is he a 13 year old too young to remember this? Maybe he is in his 40s and remembers Denis Law relegating them - did he desert his team then? That is what he is advocating for Arsenal now - constant sniping against the team and manager - we all know his IDs - how plastic / sad is that?
        Gooners - pay no attention to the fake spammer who hates Wenger, Arsenal, their fans and anyone who places any faith in either- put him on ignore - he is rather easy to spot in his many IDs.
        Trust in Wenger

    • a debt is a debt until paid off

    • Lets me explain JC. Highbury lasted us almost 100 years with all the ticket revenue over the years paying for many successful teams. The advent of all seater grounds reduced our capacity to a level which was not financially competitive. And ofcourse people couldn't get tickets, which still ain't easy.

      So over a period of time the increased ticket revenue and sale of Highbury flats, goes on paying off the ground. As the amount owed falls and revenue rises there is more and more to spend on players. This is very different from borrowing for short term success.

    • I think Wenger has worked wonders with peanuts. But seeing Arsenal's massive profits we definately can dip into the transfer market in the summer to strengthen our weakest positions.

    • Yes, but you were utterly destroyed by United on Sunday slayer. Is that why you haven't been spamming the United board ?

    • Alright Mandy - how's the life coaching going?

      Still using NLP techniques?