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  • duncan t duncan t Feb 28, 2010 08:10 Flag

    tackle wasn't bad

    I don't get all the blurts who jump on the wenger (I am the biggest gobshyte in the prem) bandwagon.

    the lad made a bad tackle, there was no malice. just a freak that it turned out so bad.

    don't be so biased as to side with wenger, who is without doubt full of crap.

    I'm made up shawcross has been picked for the England squad.

    I'm gutted for Ramsey, but lets look at it from a neutral view, it was an accident.

    lets not forget the fact that some Arsenal players have made some pretty awful tackle's too. (funny how wenger never seems to see any of them though.......)

    yeah, yeah. keep going on about how teams just try to kick Arsenal off the pitch. Bullshyte. Thats just an excuse. A well worn one at that.

    Get well soon Ramsey.

    Shut the fook up wenger.

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    • When I talked about jumping to conclusions, I wasn't meaning you specifically, I meant Arsenal fans in general and Wenger in particular.

      I had in mind the match several years ago when Reading players nearly killed our two main goalkeepers (with not a booking in sight). After that match there was suggestion from the Chelsea manager (a quiet chap, can't remember his name) that the Reading players had been told to rough up the Chelsea players and this had lead to Cech's injury at the knee of C'hunt. Nothing was proved but it did cause Chelsea to lose a great deal of the PR war.

      That said, this conversation seems to be going past the sensible point.


    • You haven't seen the fouls I'm talking about, so I suggest you come back and give an opinion when you're better informed instead of spouting sanctimonious and hypocritical tripe about me jumping to conclusions.

      I'm not seeking your sympathy, or your approval Robert.

    • Shawcross shouldn't play again until Ramsey can (if ever).

      End of.

    • Shawcross shouldn't play again until Ramsey can (if ever).

      End of.

    • We don't need sympathy plain simple fairness will do!

    • Sympathy?? Like we had after Diaby, Eduardo and RVP? :) We are potrayed as wilting daisies and dished out rough stuff the next game that's what we have in the name of sympathy. I sure we can do without that!

    • What about the three matches this season? Not one booking?

      Look, yesterday's injury was horrible. It is not in itself evidence that Stoke played rough. It's unwise to jump to the worst conclusions - partly because they are probably wrong, partly because you'll most likely lose any sympathy you might had.


    • That's exactly the point Robert! the Referees buy into the playing rough logic! In the first match at Brittania, we lost Theo for months because of a Shoulder injury he got after repeated getting fouled. And the last one was from behind after which he took a mighty tumble and broke/ dislocated his shoulder.

      Ade for the twat he is and was, was hacked down by Shawcross behind the goal line and missed three weeks due to the calf injury he got as a result of the foul. And you are right Shawcross got NO CARD!! And Sagna was also crocked by one the fouls where he got a ankle injury. No one broke a leg then but we had three players out one for 3 weeks, another for 2 odd months and the other for a shorter while. And NO F*CKING CARDS given! And the way the media sees into NO MALICE either!

      And the best part is everyone has forgotten about it! They played well in the match no doubt. But they needed this rough house treatment to BULLY us into SUBMISSION! Every human has fear from bodily harm and we are asking the players to play good football and take the abuse! Slightly extreme don't you think.

      What's the harm in playing tough like Chelsea and MU do without bordering on bodily assault? Oh let me see, they can't! You have to agree on that one mate!!

    • "What is the evidence that Stoke have played rough with you?"

      "The only one of those three matches I watched any of was the cup game."

      You've answered your own question there Robert. Stoke didn't play with the same aggression in the FA Cup game as they have done in the league, and if you had watched those matches you would have seen that. At the Britannia last season Shawcross made a lunging tackle from behind on Adebayor which ruled him out for three weeks, while Sagna and Walcott also picked up injuries from dangerous tackles. Ricardo Fuller's also been seen in replays throwing elbows at Arsenal players in more than one game.

    • Steady old chap.

      Well, well done, there is a quote. Nevertheless, what is the evidence that Stoke have played rough with you? You have now played them three times this season. With the exception of yesterday's red card Stoke have not received a single yellow or red card against you in these games. If they had been out to play dirty wouldn't a referee have noticed a little bit?

      The only one of those three matches I watched any of was the cup game. In that match I didn't notice them playing rough. I noticed them playing you off the park.


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