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  • Fred E Fred E Mar 4, 2010 07:46 Flag

    Shawcross's tackle in slow motion


    He clearly saw Ramsey was there before him but refused to pull out to let the Welsh 'know he was there'

    To the whole nation the Stoke hacker has become the victim with even redface phoning to express his support. He did the same when Eduardo's leg was snapped by Taylor. He phoned McLeish who told the press Alex Ferguson advised him on how to play Arsenal. Considering Man U started this kicking business then it is clear Mr ferguson has no decency as a human being despite being a good coach

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    • Most of you seem to have an advantage on me, you seem to be able to see exactly what happened, the only video’s I have see from you-tube site and are viewed from a distance and not in slow motion and I could not see who got to the ball first, the still shots on the same site do show Aaron’s leg looking bent before making contact with Shawcross

    • Most of you seem to have an advantage on me, you seem to be able to see exactly what happened, the only video’s I have see from you-tube site and are viewed from a distance and not in slow motion and I could not see who got to the ball first, the still shots on the same site do show Aaron’s leg looking bent before making contact with Shawcross

    • Can you not do better than that? The clip that I remember you posting for my benefit I did indeed watch. It doesn't tell me that Shawcross's challenge on Ramsey was reckless. It also doesn't tell me that Stoke deliberately set about Arsenal in this match in an overly-physical way. You were generalising from one incident to a whole team's approach over three matches. That doesn't work.

      There have been a large number of claims by Arsenal fans about Stoke in general and Shawcross/Ramsay in particular, claims that aren't backed up by the video evidence. My reference to the video was specific, to refute a claim being made. If you wish to make a claim but ignore evidence against it that's up to you. But it makes you look like the complaint is more important than the truth.


    • Then I wonder why you wrote above: "...Shawcross knew this, but he didn't care. "

      You were expressly claiming to know what Shawcross was thinking.


    • So just to clear things up, now your saying that it was in fact a tackle by Ramsey, Shawcross made no tackle at all because of course he was in possesion of the ball..?

      Its confusing because you also previously said that it was a 50-50 challenge and that means both players were making a tackle doesnt it...?

      Theres no need for anyone to insult you because your so good at making yourself look stupid, all by yourself... Well done, I dont think I have ever seen anyone do it better. Is that why you got a bronze medal, I think now surely you deserve a silver or gold.


      (Please don't tell your dad)


    • "You mean I'm the only one on this forum"

      Are you getting this info from your omnipotent parent?


    • "they all refuse to acknowledge that Shawcross had the ball and Ramsey charged in"

      You'd have to be completely mental to think that after watching the slow motion replay.

      Not sure who you are targetting for that wind-up Butch, but you're the only one who thinks Ramsey tackled Shawcross.

    • I thought I told you to come up with something sensible?

      "He didn't break Ramsey's leg you idiot, Ramsey broke it himself."
      Thats when you said it.. short memory!

      Have you really played football before. If you kick the ball a few yards from you and there are people within a few yards of you.. you have lost control. Seriously come on, I feel like I could get more sense out of a plank of wood.

      It doesnt matter that Shawcross was close to the ball, Ramsey got their first and he was entitled to go for the ball because Shawcross had lost control of it.

      I never said it wasn't a 50-50 ball, I argued that it was stupid to say Ramseys attempt to get the ball was reckless.. which is what you said! If its a 50-50 then how is Ramseys tackle reckless especially considering he got the ball and his foot wasnt raised, and if he missed he most likely would have made contact with the bottom of Shawcross's foot.... secondly if it was a 50-50 then surely that implies the ball had gotten away from the player... when a ball is in play and two players go for it with equal chance of getting there first we say a 50-50 challenge. When one player has the ball and another takes it of him.. thats a tackle. So which is it?

      Try not to say anything stupid this time... although your history suggest this might be wishfull thinking.

    • Fred it is beyond me how you can make this about SAF. Maybe the mancs have been winding you up but IMO there is nothing wrong with playing Arsenal tough. It is also true that we could not deal with this.

      Now we can. Take away the 6 points we gave Man U and Chelsea and we are the best team of those three against the lesser team - thus far - despite the fact that most try to play us hard.

      The real danger lies in all this nonsense where people try to justify broken legs. It makes no difference if they are Arsenal players or not, they don't belong in the PL. Most reasonable articles have admitted, as did even one of Shawcross mates, that the tackle was a bit late and most realize it was reckless. I don't think he ment to break Ramsey's leg but I also think that doesn't matter.

      The FA should be interested in reducing the number of broken legs as should any serious fan. To say it's part of the game, and just accept these occurances is dumb IMO.

      It's not Arsenal who should get special treatment it's football that should be protected from becoming to complacent to protect the players.

      No one in there right mind should accept reckles play even if it can't be entirly avoided.

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      • Marintii, Which bit of what I said about Ferguson is a problem for you? They are based on facts. The McLeish interview was just before Eduardo'sleg was broken. Other managers have admitted publicly getting 'tips' on how to play Arsenal from Ferguson
        Freguson never called Eduardo to wish him well, he called McLeish and taylor to offer his 'support'. just like he has done with Shawcross. He may have called Keane after Diaby's fracture to offersupport.
        We have a society where people are offering support to the perpetrator rather than the victim. Weird, if you ask me.

        Any human being with aninterest in football know that it is highly encouraged to 'kick Arsenal players off the ball'. All Wenger stated was that the injuries were a consequence of such approach. The reaction to him was asthough he accused the queen ofbeing a lesbian. It is dishonest of so many here in this country to deny Arsenal players are targeted

        Man U ended the invincible run by kicking and cheating. Thatwas the start. Fergie's right hand man, Allardyce copied it and it has since spread. Yes, even the invincibles were capable of losing matches when kicked.

        The british managers gang up against the foreign ones Ferguson istheir chairman.

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