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  • lex lex Mar 15, 2010 19:46 Flag

    Beckham out of World Cup.

    That said Robert which of the idiots we are left with (did you see wright phillips finding blind alleys to run up) is going to cross the ball AKA becks?
    Sorry but I have been out of nappies a while now but have not honestly seen a player who can cross the ball as well as becks (who also happens to be English)

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    • And yet, no-one expected Beckham to play much at all anyway.

      I think the answer is to discover Valencia's English great-great grandmother, isn't it?


    • Beckhams passing ability was something to behold, Pin point accuracy. His free kicks too, time after time.

      AC Milan have taken flak over not starting him against ManU last week and his quality was there for all to see when he eventually took the field.

      Think what you like about Beckham but he works his socks off to be able to play the game. He could have sat back and raked in the cash from Galaxy etc. and not even bothered with AC and training with Arsenal.

      Top player and fully deserving of all the accolades.

      A great shame and will be sorely missed in Africa.