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    Which team would you prefer in the draw?

    Assuming Arsenal, Man Utd, Inter, CSKA, Bayern, and Lyon are joined tomorrow by Bordeaux and Barcelona which team would u prefer or order of preference for the next round?

    Here is mine:

    1- CSKA (+Prolly not the strongest team defensively which gives us a good chance) (-Cold weather in Russia and the artificial pitch)

    2- Bordeaux (+not the greatest pedigree in the UCL, however done well this year) (-Quite an organised team that can defend well)

    3- Lyon (+not the greatest of height upfront with lisandro) (-a team high on confidence and France's best representative in the UCL in the last few years, quite strong defensively as well with 2 CDM's deployed in the formation)

    4- Bayern (+not in the greatest of form and barely scraped through Fiorentina, defence was a shambles as well) (-always a dangerous team with some fantastic players)

    5- Barelona (+probably the only other team remaining in the list that will expose its defence) (-a very dangerous team to face at anytime, personally I would rather avoid them at quarter finals)

    6- Man Utd (+a chance to get even, although very unlikely with our current strike force) (-Rooney, Fergie and the adaptability of Man Utd to change their tactice very well against us).

    7- Inter (More of the same as Man Utd, however much much stronger defensively)

    I'd rather not face the last 3 and hope one of them are paired together, preferably the last two.

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    • Whats the odds we get ever so strangely drawn against United and Barca and Inter are kept strangely apart?

      I will be ever so surprised if Arsenal avoid the top three in the draw.

      Gobsmacked actually.

      The easy draw Wenger wanted (Chelsea) is long gone unfortunately.

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      • i love you slayer

        "Man U have been very fortunate against us in the last 4 encounters between us,

        pmsl, lucky in the game at ot this season, granted, but the other 3, get out of your matchcast delusion, ripped to pieces 3-1 at emptyrates this year, ripped to pieces at emptyrates in the cl SEMI, 3-1 TO PREVENT YOU FROM WINNING THE TROPHY THATS NEVER BEEN TO LONDON
        and we ripped you to pieces in the 1st leg despite it only being 1-0, add to that the 4-0 destruction in the fa cup the previous season, so which part was we lucky with in the other 3 games then?
        lucky we turned up i suppose, to get 3 easy points and an easy cl semi.

        love it, absolutely love it

    • Inter. Far too old. Only Chelsea and Ac Milan had older personnel and they're gone. Jose got his tactics right last night but you could tell that Inter gave 110%. I think we can outrun them and outplay them as we don't have negative tactics like Chelsea.

      I'd love to face The Special One again too!

    • The only teams who would really worry me in this line up are Man Utd and Barcelona - it would be a perfect draw if they were to meet each other in the next round.

      But to the question :
      CSKA with their artificial pitch, bad weather and long trip to Moscow would be a bit of a challenge, but providing we could get the first away from home I think we would come through.
      I wouldn't particularly fear the French either - AW has a good record against French teams, and there's no reason why we couldn't prevail - it would be interesting to see Chamakh in the flesh too.
      Bayern weren't wholly convincing against Fiorentina in the last round so I would be hopeful there too, and with Inter, we would present a totally different challenge to Chelsea - and I wonder how their backline would cope against a quicker and more mobile frontline, and a team who fizz the ball around in a way that Chelsea seemed incapable of doing last night.

    • I dont fancy the Russians.

      One of the Frog teams or Bayern for me.

    • i reckon inter can with this comp. i saw the game and they have a exc team.

    • Inter would be great to play.
      Chelsea and their ITALIAN manager gave them far too much respect than they derserved.
      The previous 2 years they were beaten easily by English teams(Man U,Liverpool).
      AC Milan are just 1 point behind them in the Italian league and we all saw how weak AC were over 2 ties.

    • Of all the available ties, Man U is the one we need, nothing will give the team and manager greater satisfaction than being the team that knocked out Man U out of this season's CL. Yes, Man U have been very fortunate against us in the last 4 encounters between us, but the fact of the matter is this Arsenal team, as underrated as we've been of late, is quite capable of delivering a psychological blow to end Man U's CL ambition.

      People should look no further than the league match early in the season where Arsenal toally outclassed them at OT, but as fate would have it came out of that meeting empty-ended, our bad luck against them will soon turn for better, and what better ways to show people that this Arsenal side are the read deal than beating Man U in a two-legged CL tie with a lot riding on it for both sides. I seriously hope we get Man U in the next round.

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      • I would love to knock Man Utd out of the CL but I can't see it happening, especially without Gallas and RVP. Like Wenger's said, this young Arsenal team clearly play with trepidation when they face Chelsea or Utd, they just don't believe they can win against them at the moment.

        CSKA are a tough side, mentally and physically. I would much rather get Bordeaux or Lyon than those dogged Russians.

    • Not a bad list would agree with it. Would be happy with the first 4, would probably prefer Bayern over Lyon, would like Barca for the football spectacle but it would make us heavy underdogs and would like to avoid Man U and Inter at all cost as I can't see us get passed those two teams with our current fragile squad.

    • Just one question. What's UCL ?