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  • Layla Layla Mar 22, 2010 01:06 Flag

    start of the renewed arsenal v utd days!

    as i predicted ages ago, chelsea are on the demise. poor manager whos not suited to the prem, a chairman who since jose keeps picking unsuitable managers, ageing team, no youth, limited style of play etc.

    which is why i think this season the prem will be between utd & arse.

    & this will be the start of the utd v arsenal days.
    wenger v fergie etc.

    for u guys this good new, for me thou this is bad news. 2 teams i dont like fighting for every big trophy.

    i think city are 2 or 3 yrs away from being title contender.
    spurs & villa are improving but still a few yrs away.
    liverpool like chelsea are also on the demise.

    im already having flashbacks of the late 90s early 2000s & the titanic battles with keane & viera etc.

    ps. more bad news for chelsea, romans giving carlo 100m to spend. watch him waste it on players like pirlo who arent suited to the prem.

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    • I agree on chelsea no having a manager to suit the premeir league and no youth. but having said that its still a three horse race because chelsea still have a game in hand and its still close at the top. as for city they will never be a the top like the big boys. for the record city are over rated

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      • I think it's a bit harsh calling Carlo a poor manager however I do agree with the declining and ageing chelsea part. Not every manager gets it right straight away only Wenger and Mourinho won the league in their first full season, Ancelotti is not exactly at the same level IMO my blinkered opinion:P

        That being said Andy Gray made an interesting prediction of the top 3 and their final standings:

        1- Man Utd 86 points
        2- Arsenal 86 points
        3- Chelsea 84 points

        Andy Gray is expecting Man Utd to win all remaining games except Chelsea and Man City where he expects draws. For Arsenal he is expecting us to win all remaining games except Spurs and expecting a draw there. As for Chelsea he is expecting them to win all remaining games except drawing man utd and losing to liverpool.

        If his predicitons come true (which he himself dismissed as we all know anything can happen in football) then the title will go to the team with the better goal difference.