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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 22, 2010 03:45 Flag

    Sol Campbell- Facts and IFs!!

    Sol is now only the 3rd ever player to have played in all 18 seasons of the Premier League, joining Giggs and James. This is some achievement if you ask me!
    Also I was wondering that IF Arsenal do win the League would he get a winners medal! Up to now he has played 4 league games this season and there are 7 left.
    In FA rules a player has to play at least 10 matches to quailify for a medal. It does state that in some exceptional cases they might give a medal for a player who plays less than 10. I think that this could be one of those exceptional cases!
    Lets face it he's a bit slow but he's definitely helping some of the youngsters out there with his experience.
    If he was ready for the Man U and Chelsea games I think that Arsenal might be clear at the top now!!

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