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  • Vinay Vinay Apr 18, 2010 23:00 Flag

    For the first time...

    For the first time I can no longer see reasons for AW to be at our club and it hurts deeply to say that.

    Only recently I commented that I would love for the style of football he has brought to Arsenal to become ingrained in our club, but today, and not for the first time in many seasons there were just too many negatives about our game that can only be laid squarely at the door of Wenger.

    Goalkeepers no1 and 2 both an absolute farce at times, both have cost us dearly. The only keeper who showed any promise not even given a chance. This situation has been there ever since Lehman left and no effort has been made to rectify it - not good enough.

    Yet again failure to kill of a game after taking the lead. We are a much worse team when we are in front, unable to keep possesion, panic stations at the back, just horrible to watch.

    No fight in the team, midfielder's refusing to track back or even bother to look interested.

    Wenger looking nervous throughout the match... definitely permeated through to the team.

    I realise we are missing the spine of our team and I'm sure we would have otherwise won the game, but that performance was simply not good enough, and many of the players who played badly were first teamers - Nasri, Clichy, Diaby, Sagna were all crap today.

    Substitutions .. why keep Diaby on when he is playing so badly, why take of Walcott when he was the only player who actually looked dangerous, and why take of Rosicky who was the only player other than Campbell who was prepared to get stuck in.

    The worst thing is were not even playing good football at the moment, we look pretty much like every other team playing bog standard football, no invention, no craft or trickery. What a shame.

    Maybe this is a slightly reactionary view straight after a disappointing game, but that's how I'm feeling right now!

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    • Look I am angry at arsene wenger as much as the next guy but he should have a chance to win (with full backing of the board in regards to offering cash to spend this summer) if he fails then it may be time for him to leave....

      my only thing with wenger is the bs and lies....

      i.e last year after the chelsea loss he stated that we needed strikers and that he was going to go into the transfer market in january and buy some....the window came and went and he did nothing saying there was no value in the mkt (more bs)

      my question is this..... does AW have a clause in his contract (secret or not) that gives him a nice tidy bonus If he could bring Arsenal into the top 4 AND also maintain a profit for the club? dont laugh such clauses exist....

    • Wenger keeps showing (and mentioning) his disdain for the English game.

      His previous wining squads were either shored up with legends of this league or all brought up playing with them and learning.

      Who do these guys learn that win at all costs mentality from?

      Certainly not Wenger and nice-guy Rice.

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      • Where did you get that from, Swerve? I thought he spent the last few days saying the EPL is a better league? Oh well....

      • Well this is the thing, if Wenger is going to develop young teams (I'm a huge fan of the concept) then he has to instil discipline into the team, that drive and hunger has to come from the manager and he's just not doing it at the moment. When things started to go wrong today he kept shouting at the officials...why? He should be tearing lumps out of his players for being so crap.

        If he can't instil it, then he needs to bring in a player who has that effect on the team.. we haven't had anyone like that since Flamini. He hasn't done either so he is failing in his duties to our club.

        And I didn't even mention the fact that we have gone from being one of the meanest defensive teams in the premier league to now employing Silvestre.. !