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  • Govinda Govinda Apr 19, 2010 19:00 Flag

    Not an other dig at a man down

    I don't mean to kick Arsena when he is down and frankly my naivity finds some hope and a little respect in some of his recent statement and behavior. My brain tells me this might just be lip service that he won't back up.


    Is it me or is Arsena tacticaly a bit slow? I have noticed on many occasions that great managers react fast during a game. SAF moving Schools up or down the pitch as soon as he realizes a flaw, Moureen substituting in the first half etc etc.

    We all must have felt after 55 - 60 minutes that something wasn't right whith our game, in fact Arsena admitted he was concerned before Wigan scored yet he acted too late and without imagination IMO.

    I am not saying my suggestion would have won but i am suggesting Arsene some times seems to read the game correct but yet takes no action.

    It was clear that when RvP came on against Spurs the team got a lift both in threat and energy. I was hoping he would bring RvP on for the whole of the 2nd half but at least whne it became clear the team started to lose the ball and focus with 30 minutes to go. Bringing RvP on could have boosted morale sine he is a winner and perfectionist which seems to raise the game of other players. It would have also meant thet Wigan had to be more carefull going forward since RvP finds the open man quicker and more acuratly then any other player on our team.

    What is the point in bring him on after 90 minutes? Our best defense is to try to play on the oponents half - when we are the better team - to bring on more defending type players like Eboue only crowds the space in front of our own goal.

    There have been many occasions this season where I have wondered about Wengers tactical skills and ability to sub at the right tinme perhaps it stems from he lienciency (spl?) towards his players perhpas it stmes from his desire to analyse before acting which is not possible intra-game. But what ever the reason I wish he would trust his reads and act sooner and smarter.

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    • i would have sent him on anyway in the 80th minute because wigan were all over us (it hurts even to write that) but if you at yahoo they scored the 2-2 on the 89th minute and he could have saved for the city game cant blame arsene there as arsenal could WE see them going down neither could he.

    • What is Pat Rice's role at Arsenal? Is he just the ultimate 'yes' man, another Phil Neal, or does he actually do anything?

      Whenever you see the Arsenal bench, Rice is just sitting there emotionless whilst Whinger is chewing himself up.

      Whinger actually looks quite ill to me; would he last another 4 years of this?

    • In my earlier post yesterday I brought up the same issue of RVP coming on too late. Eboue for Rosicky was the one tactical error AW made. Rosicky had a great game yesterday albeit as a DM!! He threw in some great tackles and won most of them and he kept possession. He just needs those couple of goals or a brilliant assist or two to get him going full throttle.

      I can assume AW wanted to keep RVP fresh and "unharmed" for the City clash. And remember all the great tactics count for nothing when the personnel don't respond to them.

      First goal is so chronic for the current Arsenal defence that it beggars belief that it keeps happening! It usually occurs on the left side but this time it was the opposite. And the third goal was also a failure of Clichy to close down Nzogbia. AW can teach as much tactics as he wants, he can do nothing when his team fails him!

      That brings us back to same problem, our team not rising to the challenge. The quality of Sagna and Clichy is beyond doubt, but Sagna's recent inability when going forward and Clichy's inconsistency in defence is costing us dear.

      Remember apart from Silvestre the other three CBs Sol, TV and Gallas have done a great job so far. We have been exposed because our fullbacks have not been up to their usual high standard. And our goalkeeping has been the worst in the top 4, maybe even in the whole league!

      Our next season will be well decided by which GK we are going to have between the sticks and who is going to stand next to TV apart from Sol. (I expect and hope he stays, what a back up to have!) Because with Rosicky and AA not going to the world cup, these two will be fresh as daisies and can really give the team a kick start we need. I fear Fab and RVP will be pretty wasted as one can expect their teams to go far.

      Somewhere I heard we might go for Gary Cahill from Bolton. Now that would be one hell of a signing if it materialises. We need another CB, maybe one of our young turks being promoted. Get another DM cover for Song and with Chamakh coming we have a good shot again.

      But all will boil down in the end to the mentality of the team. They have to up their games in crucial ties. We have failed to do so (miserably) in the last two season. All the best players count for nothing if the team doesn't have some character and nerve to fall back upon!

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      • Rosicky favoured position is middle centre basically right next to cesc. hence the tackling. he is not wing man never was but he gets on with it. bloody good player.

      • outlaws, you are right in the fact that these players must share in the blame for this poor performance.

        I have said for years that one of the risks of fielding young teams who han no chance of winning big games but then congratulating them on pl;aying good football IMO has helped create a generation of 'losers' and I don't say this lightly.

        You and I both know that winning AND losing are habit forming.Look at Man U, these guys walk around as if winning is their birth right and more often then not they 'will' the ball in the net and the longer the game goes on at 0-0 the more one tends to think they will be the only winner.

        With our team we seem to fail to deliver in the big games the worst part being NOT that we lose them but that we don't play up to our ability.

        Everton and Spurs both have had killer runs like we did when played Villa - Man U - Chelsea - Liverpool and even Everton did better then we did in their killer run and with all respect to them they are technically not better but they have the fighters instinct as do Spurs (sorry to say).

        I am not sure if this can be fixed easily but IF AW does as you suggest by bringing in a sort of new spin (keeper - CD -DM - striker) this might go a long way to give this team a new feel provided this spine has experience. Chamack is very young.

    • Marintii, this is has been going on for years. AW always subs in the late mins of the games when we lead. If we are chasing the game, 70th mins substitution would be very early for AW already. U wont see AW subs a player earlier than 60mins unless he's injured.
      As for yesterday match, he waited until we got behind then made the right subs (RVP) on 90th min but then it's way way too late.
      He has too much blind faith and confident in the team and we hardly see any change in tactics anymore (except for Walcott). This is very obvious when we face the top 4 teams, AW do not have any other plan B, alwasys stick to plan A until the final whistle is blowed.
      As for yesterday game, i do not blame Fabianski as any goalie would be nerveous having Silvestre defending in front of him. I blame Diaby. Where the heck was him in second half? He should be subs instead of Rosicky!

    • Maybe Wenger is a closet Holland fan - assuming Van Persie was fit, thats they only explanation I can think of as to why he was not sent on earlier to finish the job.
      Huge huge mistake from the manager