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  • I suspect few Gooners would like to see this guy come play for us. There is alos no need to list the many risks that come with signing him but a good manager can manage this guy. Sh&t even Mark Hughes did.

    What I would like about what he brings is pace and most of all a true fighting mentality. Sure he might be a nutter but we could do with this type of nutters if they are managed well. He would be a good option on the left wing IMO.

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    • NO NO NO
      he would destroy the dressing room and frankly he is overhyped

    • I prefer Wilshere over Bellamy any day! But I wouldn't mind keeping him one more year at Bolton. He is hardening up and that will give at least one more Arsenal player with an intact set of balls! And maybe we could use that as a bargaining chip and go for Gary Cahill.

      Personally I would live to see Cahill and Hangeland come in. At least one of them. Both have played in the league and will have zero adapting time. Can't expect every player to gel in like TV!! I would go for Cahill because he is English and younger. Both TV and he are of the same age and that could mean a partnership for a longer time. Though Hangeland is a tempting player because he is a better organiser in defence, while Cahill is more dynamic and very solid defending against set pieces and can score goals at the other end as well!

      Besides AA we also have Vela on the left flank. If Theo was blooded playing on the right wing, I don't see any reason why Vela cant do that. He is a better finisher than Theo any given day. I believe he needs more playing time to find his feet. And Vela is a good flanker of the ball. I fail to understand people writing him off even when he hasn't got a single decent run in the team! The same applies for Eduardo, though in his case he at least had a handful of opportunities. But never a long run due to his injuries.

      This summer we need to look at our defensive personnel closely. Sagna and Eboue are fine for the RB position. While Clichy needs to cut down the errors and Gibbs is decent back up and with Clichy's current form, he might even displace the Frenchman before the next season is over.

      CB as I have said TV, Cahill/ Hangeland, with Sol and Djourou as backups. Bartley and Nordveidt as the understudies. 6 CBs is a luxury but with Sol around the two young turks can learn lot.

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      • Isn't Gary Cahill a left-footed, left-sided CB like Vermaelen?

      • outlaws my problem is with the size of our young talented players. Sure Wishire will have a great future and I would prefere him over most of our youngsters bar Ramsey.

        Vela might have talent but by the time you load the pitch with guys like Cesc, Arshavin, Nasri, Ramsy, Vela have your team is light weight.

        We have too many little skill players we need to add size and grit. Vela doesn't appear to have much grit. You can tell Ramsy and Wilshire do. We don't have to wait for a player to turn 28 to see if he has a fighting spirit.

        I would like Hangeland because I think we are short on maturity.

      • outlaws, I noticed you've omitted Willy Gallas in your CB position, is that intentional or an oversight?

        TV + WG form a formidable CB pairing prior to the latter's injury problem, and I won't mind if Wenger offers him an extension provided he signs 1 or 2 backup in that position.

    • We dont need bellamy, Arshavin is better.