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  • lex lex Apr 21, 2010 00:40 Flag

    world cup squad

    ok this is not arsenal only but its to do with football and England

    GK: J Hart
    GK: D James *
    GK: P Robinson

    RB/ RM: G Johnson
    RB: G Neville*
    CB: M Dawson
    CB: J Terry*
    CB R Ferdinand*
    LB/LM: A Cole*
    LB: L Baines

    CB: P Jagelkia

    CM/CAM/RM/LM: S Gerrard*
    CM: F Lampard*
    RM/LM/CAM: J Milner
    LM: A Johnson*
    LM/RM/CAM: J Cole*
    CM/LM/LB: G Barry

    RM/ST: T Walcott

    ST: W Rooney*
    ST: J Defoe
    ST: E Heskey (the Roo likes playing with him)*
    ST: D Bent
    ST: P Crouch

    Those with a * are my starting 11

    I have opted to take robinson and not green due to the fact i am not sure James is that fit to be honest
    I think bent on his club form is wortha look far more than Zamora and somehow crouch always seems to find a goal ( he is englands Bendtner)
    I thought long and hard about including Theo but i dont think SWP or AW are good enough and TW could be
    I have tried to get as many versatile players in the squad as it is hard even with 22 players as you only need say 3 strikers injured and you are sunk I have aslo dwelt about taking Green and dropping Baines as gareth barry can play in that position

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