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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Apr 28, 2010 00:27 Flag

    Arshavin....DREAMING of Barca & NOT Rating Wenger!!!


    I can see why you all like him so much!!! PMSL!!!

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    • 'Andrei Arshavin's agent has outlined the Russian's deep disappointment at Arsenal's failure to win a trophy this season but said that it would take something "extraordinarily dramatic" for him not to end his career at the Emirates'. (Telegraph)

    • Sounds like he is trying to talk his way out of the club.

      Seems like he has been playing himself out of the club the last few months as well.

      I wouldn't be against a bit of a clear out this summer:

      Rosicky - spent force
      Sagna (prefer Eboue at right back)
      Diaby...no another season as BACK-UP ONLY

      Problem is we can't replace them all and they are a legacy of a bad policy over the last few years. At this point we can hope for three at most and Gallas will probably go.

      Don't think Cesc will.

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      • Rosicky - Agree with the earlier comments about experience and class, and it would be a mistake to get rid of him.
        Silvestre - Should never have bought him, goodbye
        Denilson - Step up or step out
        Almunia - Please go, too many costly mistakes (Flapp too, Mannone no2)
        Eduardo - Patience for one more year and a return to form
        Sagna (prefer Eboue at right back) - No way should sagna go
        Diaby...no another season as BACK-UP ONLY - Agree
        Senderos - Already gone

        I would add Bendtner to the list, simply not good enough to be in an EPL or ECL winning side.

        Must do better: Walcott, AA, Clichy

        Get well soon: Ramsey, Djourou, Gibbs

        One more year Sol.

        Nearly everyone on this forum agrees - World class needed: GK, CB, and reinforcement in central midfield and a back up to RVP

        Apart from Cesc, TV, RVP (a return to last seasons form asap) as top of the class, and Song, Eboue (keep it up chaps) Everyone needs to take a long hard look at their performance this season.

        We are not a million miles away, but we are far enough away to need a lot of improvement to lift the trophies we all crave.

      • Very optimistic list swerve, I dont agree with all of it but there does need to be a clear out.

        Think Rosicky should stay, if we had more squad players liek him then we'd be able to challenge for the title.

        Sagna (prefer Eboue at right back)
        Diaby...no another season as BACK-UP ONLY

        All of them could go for all I care, Clichy too. Id rather we cashed in on all these average players and spent a huge wad on 3 or 4 world class players and a couple quality squad players...a keeper, a partner for Vermaelen, a a partner for Van Persie, and a versatile midfielder.

        Key: NWC = New world class

        .......................NWC Keeper

        Eboue.....NWC Defender....Vermaelen.....Gibbs


        ..................NWC Striker......Van persie......

        A New manager would be a start in the right direction.

      • For once I would beg to differ on the clear out you wish. Silvestre should have never been bought, so it will be good riddance. And Senderos is gone as it is. Almunia should stay but as a second choice GK. Unless Wenger decides to make Wojciech the number two.

        Sagna is a good RB. He has lost his attacking flair but he is still very very solid at the back. Eboue and Sagna in the squad gives us two decent RBs who can be played against any side without any jitters.

        I wasn't a big Diaby fan at any point of time. But he has put in some good performances this season. Like most of the squad he has gone missing when really needed. But he is as culpable as AA in terms of slacking off or being inconsistent over the season. He gives another dimension (literally) to our small sized team. He has the skills but as we have said before, the footballing brain is rarely put to use. Has to be persisted for a season albeit as a substitute and as a starter only when the main men are missing.

        Now Denilson and Eduardo are great squad players as far as I see it. Eduardo has possibly as good a touch as any player in our team. He hasn't been out of touch after coming back from injury. He was actually playing ridiculously well after his immediate comeback. (Remember the goals he scored end of last season) This season he hasn't simply found his rhythm. If we are getting Chamakh we might send him on loan to get some form. He is capable of scoring many goals, whether he does it at Arsenal that's another question.

        Denilson hasn't done anything wrong this season! In 28 games this season he has 6 goals and 2 assists. For a so called DM those are good figures. If he were playing at a French or Brazilian club people would have been asking us to sign him up! And he is a good bench player. And remember we need 8 home grown players. He has spent three years at Arsenal before his 21st Birthday. So he becomes that much more important in the face of the new rules.

        I left my favourite player in the list for last. I don't know if anyone is still reading but if yes I would hate to see Rosicky leave. Remember form is temporary but class is permanent. Rosicky is still capable of magic. He needs a good pre-season to get his form back. We might get a few million pounds for him. But for an equally capable replacement we have to spend in the excess of 10 million. And when we keep ranting about buying experience, why sell one of the most experienced campaigners in the midfield! I believe his injury problems are beyond him. And without a World Cup to play, players like him, AA and Eduardo are going to be crucial at the start of our next season.

        This doesn't mean we don't need to buy players. To the contrary I believe we still need 3 players. A GK, a box to box midfielder like Moussa Cissokho and one preferably two CBs. I heard Steven Taylor from Newcastle has one year left on his contract. Get that pr*ck! He is a twat but a CB with big pair of balls! And at 24 he can form a long partnership with TV. And yes he can play as a fullback as well.

        p.s: I assume Chamakh is coming to Arsenal. Still would prefer Dzeko or Villa but at Arsenal any decent player is better than no player joining us!