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  • lex lex Apr 30, 2010 17:05 Flag

    Wenger talking to Targets

    he is best avoided.

    I am rapidly geting sick of all the name calling and twits your gay no im not ect
    who give a monkeys cuss on a footie board what side you bat for
    its supposed to be about FOOTBALL and in particular ARSENAL
    players we would like players we rate players we dont
    what we think of the season why we think things went paer shaped what mistakes we think were made ect ect
    and what we feel may or may not go on in the board room
    at ARSENAL not scumchester or liverfool chelski or spuds
    cos i dont know about the rest of you but i just aint interested in them we need to consentrate on us and our team leave them to consentrate on their teams
    and Veron was forgotten as a 25 million FLOP i belive he also FLOPPED at chelski as well