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  • Mel187 Mel187 May 4, 2010 22:07 Flag

    Just my humble opinion, feel free to disagree.

    First and foremost, I'm not saying that Arsenal players should be left to do as they please without being challenged, but normally at a corner you have the opposing team trying to attack the ball, when you put two players on the keeper so that he cannot try to get the ball it's obstruction....

    IMO the rules of football seem to be changing at least when Arsenal are concerned....

    Lehmann had the right idea. He hated the way opposition defenders crowded him out of TRYIING to get the ball and his disapproval of these tactics were widely ridiculed by the opposion and pundits but he had a good point...

    I think fabianski needs to grow afew inches and put on afew pounds as to stop him being bullied but no matter who you are if there are two players standing infront of you so that you can't take at least a step to come out and claim the ball how the hell are you supposed to be able to do your job (catch the ball), it's a liberty....

    I also think that Big Sam has a nerve to go out on a limb and say our keeper is a week link that he exposed. That is rude and disrespectful. I can't think of another manager that goes around critisising the individual ability of opposing teams players....

    I have to say that I think Big Sam is a decent manager but he doesn't seem to look at things subjectively.

    Wenger did not attack him yesterday but just said the ref should have been stronger and he is right, the other teams are affored more respect than we are, they play a different game against Arsenal than they do against the rest of the top teams, against Arsenal it is ruff them up early, go in hard, block the keeper, Arsenal are moaners, Wenger the whinger.

    It's a notion I don't understand but hey each to there own, I agree that as it has been happening for years now that Wenger should come up with the tactics to nulify these types of opponent but behaving like tactics like these are fair is beyond me and IMO, the reason why the Egland team never get anywhere.....

    Watching England play against certain teams is really like watching one of the big four against a championship/division one side, i.e. England v Brazil, Spain, Holland (apart fro Euro 96), is like watching Arsenal / Man U for instance v Watford.

    Until British teams learn how to play football they will never win anything on the international stage because outside of this country you cannot get away with the sort of football adopted by many of the teams and managers in this league and that is why so many players refuse to come here and why we have to pay over the odds for players in terms of transfer fees and wages. (Rant over)

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    • Fk Fat Sam . . . he's a crook....and he's one of those sneaky fkrs who likes to bend the rules, as shown both on and off the pitch. He is a shite manager.

    • Well tough luck on the poor little clubs down below, everyone started from scratch:) No mercy I say:P

    • Gotcha!


    • Arsenal do compete for the biggest trophies ROBERT and we have done since Wenger has been in charge...

      You all seem to be missing the point....

      Year after year after year when Chelsea won zilch wasn't the doing of other clubs spending the most obscene amounts of money imaginable, it was because you had a shit manager and a shit team.

      Your resources were much the same as ours we just used them better than you and most because even under Graham we had a good manager who new his football..

      Fergie with the biggest stadium in the land and his United team had the clout but not because of a sugar daddy, because of a well run club that used the cash that they made form ticket sales and shirt sales........

      That is fair, everybody had a level playing field then IMO.

      Roman and the americains changed all that.....

      Even with the changes and teams spending 30mill and more on players we still compete so THERE.....


    • It's not going to be a fair playing field until at the beginning of the season Port Vale have the same chance of winning the Prem as United or Chelsea, or Arsenal.

      Was it a fair playing field in the 1980s for Chelsea fans when Liverpool were winning it every year? Or ten years ago when you had a load of great players, most of whom weren't from North London?

      Arsenal fans may be licking their wounds but for them to imagine that it's unfair that they don't win trophies is to miss the point. Who gets what in life is rarely to do with what's "fair". It's to do with what good fortune comes along and what you do with it. Maybe with the same budget but a different manager you'd have an extra twelve points right now? Maybe not.

      I spent decades being a Chelsea fan who saw his team not challenge for the league year after year. After year. After bloody year. Now we do and as a Chelsea fan that's fantastic. Even more fantastic I have the means and the opportunity to go to Stamford Bridge occasionally to see some great football and my team beat the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool and United with some of the world's best players on both sides. I doubt it will last for ever. If it stops I hope I won't start moaning about it being unfair that my team can no longer compete for the biggest trophies.


    • "They sound like the United board when it looks like they might not get the premiership they consider to be rightfully theirs" - pathetic even by your standards, Robert.

    • name a great arsenal side. i only have to think back five years and that team contained some of the best talent in europe, not just able to win the prem, but the world cup and the euros- alerdicey was playing the same tactics and picking up points against us still, difference is, we could play that way and still be beautiful in the game and that's why they were so successful domestically and when the players went away for internationals.

      we dont have anything like that now- to be fair this arsenal side has punched well above it's weight all season long, we'll be lucky to finish 3rd and i write this with caution cause i dont want to upset, i just want to really look at the situation.

      case in point, look at the size of samba, now put arshavin, eduardo, rvp, walcott up front. wait, now there's no-one in mid-field, what shall we do sol cambell? -make runs through the middle, no that didn't work, you dont have the legs, what about you sanga and traore? we'll cross in some high balls, doh we forgot that samba is double anyone elses hight and isn't that bad. i could go on, but it's a farce. anyway, they did well to get this far, please dont let spurs in above us, some changes please mr. w, if not on the pitch dealing with these glaring issues, then off it!

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      • if u arsenal fans are going to whinge about money spent then u have to also whinge about arsenal having a lot more to spend then the majority of the premiership & all of the football league teams.

        i bet watford wish they had as much to spend as u.

        in my view the premiership teams are very greedy & dont give a $hit about the lower league teams(grass roots teams).

        everythings in favour of premiership teams & then within the prem teams its all in favour of CL teams.

        new rules should be implemented to help the smaller football league teams.

        all profit from cup games between prem teams & teams outside of the prem should go to the team outside of the prem
        Minimal contract rules should be brought in to protect smaller teams getting ripped off by bigger bullys. Although we will reverse this policy on the Walcott transfer for obvious reasons.

        & finally if a prem teams decide to kick up a fuss then this will expose their greedy motives & show them up. leave the premiership then, theres plenty of teams who will jump in your seat.
        I understand some small teams like burnley get in the prem but i don’t care, its up to them to use their extra prem income wisely.
        lets start a football league revolution.
        Also the joke rule that is a team who finish 3rd in the CL join the Europa cup half way through should be abolished. No 2nd chances, u are out, goodbye! Again this another rule which favours the CL big boys over the Europa cup teams.

        rant over.

    • I would find it easier to swallow if the playing field were more level, but the fact is that it isn't.....and not likely to be for some time yet.

    • I don't find the pill hard to swallow, I just don't think that there is a level playing field, any team that cannot afford to spend 50mill in the close season is fighting an up hill battle......

      I have respect for good managers that build good teams against the odds. Everton, Villa etc, etc.

    • It's hard pill to swallow for some Robert.

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