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  • Swerve Swerve May 5, 2010 06:42 Flag

    Wenger the Untouchable?


    Perfectly put. Sums it all up.

    Many on here perfectly fit the description of glory-hunters and are usually the newer fan who has no idea what Arsenal are really all about.

    This is in direct opposition to Fred's weedy post from a sheep on 606.

    This is the reality, deal with it.

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    • Maybe you'd like to re-post that when you wake up Pixie.

    • We dont have crocodiles over here Butchy but yours seem either awful strange looking or else you have taken too many happy pills again.

    • Oh dear Pixie, surely even you can see this crock is another Saha.

    • Van Persies injury this season was solely down to a bad tackle and has no link to a prior injury whatsoever from what i understand.

    • fab
      can you name me a season when RVP has not been injured?
      Wengers Squad are all very technical they are not it seems robust perhaps time spent in the gym gaining strength inhibits your technical prowess (i don't now)
      But to my simple mind the vast majority of the youngsters need time in the gym to gain strength they are far to easily shoved (fairly) off the ball IMHO


    • Like i said Wenger did try to sign cover for VP both in the summer and in January. I would think there are only so many quality strikers available.

      We were only short at CB when both the CBs became injured at once.

      Sylvestre is shit however. Agreed. I could happily shoot the Egg head.

      I have seen mildly better GKs in my time.

    • I accept that Van Persie's injury was not the same as previous injuries that he's suffered.

      However, it is a sad fact that some players are more robust than others... that's a real shame but it is the case.

      We seem to have a lot of fragile players full-stop.

      Campbell coming in didn't mask over the cracks, because we were forced to rely on him partnering either Song (a DM) or Silvestre (a useless twat) at CB.

      That proves that we were short at CB throughout the season.

      As for the GK situation... well...

    • I think that's a bit too much I would prefer 2GK's 2CB's provided Sl is staying and 1 more holding mid. Not too much into another striker with Chamakh coming, heck i'd even settle for one GK.

    • Abuse comes in many forms. You have earnt this over time, and I have held back. What you think of me is irrelevant in every way. On the terraces at Arsenal it's how we talked. Again you know nothing. In the serene and family friendly Emirates your kind kind can have a lovely day out, just don't raise your voice too much or you will upset the families.

      Buying players is not the only solution. They need to be indoctrinated into a well-drilled and practised manner of conducting themselves on the pitch. From back to front. Aware of the challenges they will face in vying for the top competitions UNTIL MAY, ie the subs and back up players, and also the unique challenges they will face playing for a team dubbed as a bunch of softies.

      Until the psychology changes, the results will remain the same regardless of personnel, especially with the type of player Wenger usually buys (Vermaelen aside).

      The core needs to be addressed first, then we work on the layers, not the other way around.

    • yes Arty
      I agree so long as he does do something
      I free and getting some of the lightweights on longer contracts are not to myself "NEW PLAYERS"
      I read sol is to be given a year fine ok as cover but i really dont want to see the guy to regularly in the first team
      IMHO we need 2 Gk 3 CB, 2 Midfield 1 holding and one to replace rosicky also another striker even if we are having chamack

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