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  • lex lex May 12, 2010 06:17 Flag

    Clearing the deadwood

    Ok OK I hear you so let us ask this question
    If as you belive Vela is good enough to play week in week out who gets sold to make room for him?
    Rosicky as frankly he has done very very little IMHO
    I think we need some good old fashioned nouce & expediancy if you get my drift
    Which is somthing that up until he resigned Campbell I did fear Wenger lacked
    Lets us look at this
    Young Song has come on leaps and bounds he must have found a new teach myself how to be a DM manual has he has not had anybody to learn from for what 4-5 yrs? (i am thinking Patrick)
    I am conserned that at times it feels like we have got far to many young men chasing 1 position and instead of keeping them all we must be more ruthless yes I will hold my hand up and say 1 will get away that we should have kept but i think that is the nature of the beast