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  • No, it's not a swear word. He is a box-to-box midfielder who has taken the Turkish club Bursaspor to new levels. 23yrs old, 6'2" and has scored 8 goals from 28, playing in a centre midfield/left-mid role. Strong, quick and used to playing in a physical league.

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    • oh yeah this guy cab play and would show some much needed steel for the gunners...hope he is on AW radar

    • Have seen the man play live on television. He looks a lot like Hangeland (Not just the size) he is a good distributor of the ball and most importantly has a very calm head on his shoulders. Not the typical German nutcase. Will surely add presence to our line up and won't cost silly sums of money. The Bremen defence doesn't get much credit because they leak a lot of goals. And it is a wonder they do give away a lot of goals because they have a more than decent GK in Tim Wiese and Mertesacker has a good partner in the form of Naldo. But they play ultra attacking football and have horrible fullbacks! Somewhat like Arsenal except that our fullbacks are better but the GKs are crap when compared to Wiese! Will be a good buy for Arsenal but will it happen? We can afford him and we need someone like him with presence and experience. And at 25 he will be a long term prospect as compared to Hangeland who will be 30 next year.

    • I really like Mertesacker, I mentioned him here before not too long ago. A very composed, classy defender who gets very few bookings, and he's a 6'6" mammoth! I think he would fit in well alongside Vermaelen, with Vermy attacking the ball and closing down, with Per behind him mopping things up. I had the idea he was much older than 25, probably because of his sixty Germany caps. I would have Mertesacker over Cahill or Hangeland.

      What I've read is that he has two years left on his contract, so Werder are willing to sell him now before selling him for much less next year, or losing him for nothing later. Bayern and Milan have apparently shown interest in him.

    • At the risk of setting myself up for another of your put-down posts Risker,. How about this for a replacement CB:-

      Per Mertesacker

      I believe is out of contract this summer.
      25 Yrs Old
      Played 60 times for Germany
      6' 6" and very good at defending set pieces, as well as attacking set pieces.
      Plays currently for Werder Bremen. Bought for £4m, 4 years ago.

      Although he missed serveral WC qualifying games, he has maintained his first choice place in the German team.

    • Landsbury has had a very good year with Watford, but I have to say i find it difficult to transfer that to the prem
      He may well need a year back with Arsenal to let us all see if he can bring that level and more to the prem
      Because yes he had a good year but I watched a few watford games on the box and he was not stand out

      ( i do make nots about where our young players go and try to watch the teams)

    • You're thinking of Lembit Opec. He's the guy that controls the flow of Oil.

    • i thought he was the politican who married a cheeky girl.

    • Slow as in running speed or as in slow passing? Because I think Parker and Toulalan move the ball quicker and better than Yaya does. He can dither on the ball Diaby-style and slow Barca down, which is why I don't rate him that highly.

      Wenger is suppose to be a fan of Toulalan and had (maybe still has) him watched regularly by his scouts.

      I think Henri Lansbury could be a surprise package next season. He was a big talent at 16-17 years of age with a lot of hype but then contracted glandular fever, didn't play for a long while and it took time for him to where he was. But he's had a great loan spell with Watford this season and looks bigger and stronger.

      Wenger said not long ago that he "will be a big player for Arsenal." And he put Lansbury on against Fulham and left Eastmond on the bench, that might signal where he rates him in the pecking order. I'm not saying he's going to start games, but I fancy him to be on the bench regularly and challenge Denilson for time on the pitch. He's big and strong but very mobile, works very hard and he passes well. I think he will surprise people in the same way Eastmond and Gibbs did.

    • I doubt very much Wenger will go for Cana. He could have got him for peanuts last year. As for Toure he is not very fast apparently. I may be wrong as I have seen him only in highlights...The player I have in mind is someone in the mold of the work horse of the German national team that won the Euros 96; Dieter Eilts. Sadly Flamoney was like him in his last season with us.

    • Although we need experience, Parker and Toulalan, especially the latter, are way too slow to suit our game. It would simply slow us down. Yaya Toure or Lorik Cana would be ideal...

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