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  • Mark H Mark H May 19, 2010 00:42 Flag

    Cesc, I don't blame you

    Cesc if you r to leave for the Nou Camp, I as a season ticket holder who ravels home and away, just want to say thanks. Thanks for all the good times.

    You have shown commitment but it seems that the club do not share the same goal.

    We have played lovely football at times, but the lack of silverware is just not good enough.

    If Mr Wenger ( and I love the man to bits) had shown signs of bringing in a decent Goalkeeper,another Centre Half a Strong Holding Midfielder and another decent striker, then I would be questioning your decision to leave.

    If you r to go, then I hope that sucess is coming your way.

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    • Just imagine you had invested all that money you wasted on a season ticket, into Gold instead, you'd be laughing now I tell you!

      Im sure you're all devestated to lose Cesc, but he's been a loyal servant and its only Wengers failures as a manager that leave Fabregas no choice but to leave now. No one can really hold it against the lad.