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  • FENIX FENIX May 22, 2010 05:14 Flag

    Summer Wishes

    Silvest, Almunia and Fabianski all to be sold as we can all agree confidently agree they are absolute rubbish. Lets just cut the losses!

    Bartley, Djouro, Gibbs, Gilbert, Vela, Wilshere, Lansbury, Simpson, J.E.Thomas, Sanchez Watt, Barazite, Vito Manone, Scohzney Eastmond all to be given more chances and to prove that they are good enough and also to mature and get educated the way they are suppose to. I remember when Wenger useto bang on about how Arsenal future is in safe hands and that the team will always revolve around the youth. I would rather be without a trophy for the past few years if he had kept to these words. Rather than to buy stupid players such as Almunia, Fabianski, Silvest and then to fail disastrously. I realy do hope that more of these players get more chances to prove themselves becasue tehy always give 110% when playing.

    Denilson, Diaby, need to take a hard look at themselves and Wenger needs to talk to them as well. They need to perform like champions and be the players they were destined to be! For me they at times play without commitment and maturity.They either need to buck up or be sold or be content with being benchwarmers.

    Eduardo, Rosicky through no fault of there own are not performing. Injuries have plagued both these players and maybe Wenger needs to cash in on them. More so Rosicky because of his age, plus he would be a great part exchange for Subotic. He will always be a fan afv plus the league style suits him better than the EPL. Eduardo could be kept as a super sub and cup games. But if a tempting offer does come in the region of £10m then sel him and buy someone like Agbonglahor.

    Players to buy: Sakho, Metsacker, Cahill, Mexes, Richards are all players which would flourish in our defence and also bring great consistency and strength. Pref: Richards, Cahill, Sakho

    Mbia, Matuida, Veloso all great players which would deputise for Song or even play alongside Fab, Nasri in mid during more physical matches.

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    • Summer wishes? Messi, Torres and Gerrard!
      Ok, be real, i like to see Ángel Fabián di María in our squad! We can use a player like this for our left wing and wont cost a bomb!
      Also get a good central defender and definitely a goalie and we will challenge for title again, just like the last 5 seasons. :)

    • I thought Sendo had another year with afc. But if he is a free agent, Im happy because there is no chance of Wenger deciding to play with him as he often does. Glad to see him leave. Although he was a good squad player.

      Gallas always new he was gonna leave because of his ego, again gald because wenger will have to go into the transfer market to buy atleast one defender to cover for him. With Sol and Djouro back, we should have adequate cover. However we need decent covers and players which would be content at being on the bench or cup games.

    • Djouro, Gibbs have been out for almost the whole season. but i don't agree with you man on some cases

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      • yeh Djouro and Gibss need to get their form back. It will be hard for Djouro as I wouldnt be confident on him taking Gallas's place because of his previous season playing time. However if he was fit and had a decent season then I would have given him the vote to replace Galaas.

        Gibbs will find it hard as replacing Clichy will be very hard. Also What might have been if he stayed fit. He could have been on the plain to England. But I have confidence in him to really be a good player.

    • Interesting post Fenix,i agree with most of your comments.Personally i feel that certain players should be moved on.Most of whom you've mentioned.

      As far as the young players are concerned, i think (of all the players you've named) only two are three will actually make it at the highest level.The rest will have to satisfy themselves with Championship or league one football.Although i'm not entirely sure who the two/three will be....possibly Wilshere, JE Thomas and Eastmond.

      I haven't included Gibbs because i think he's already Premiership class.

      Your point regarding Denilson and Diaby is very accurate in my opinion.

      Your transfer targets are interesting;i like the look of Matuidi of St Etienne.We also need a defender (as i'm sure everyone will agree)but i'm not sure who's out there.......

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      • In my opinion, we don't need a defender... we need 2 at least of real quality and strength. What we have now is Vermaelen, Gallas, Sol, Silvest and Djourou for the CD. Of all of them only Vermaelan will be able to play consistently. Gallas is good, but aging and not sure if he will be here next season, Silvest is crap, sol will not last every week, Djourou is not experienced enough, even if he is, we will only have Sol as backup... not the best scenario at all. We will need at least two defenders who are not injury prone as well. The goalkeeping department is a no brainer... we need a world class goalkeeper not another hopeful with potential. And maybe another midfielder with muscles who can break up the opposition like Song, but he still does that inconsistently, we will need another one like that to take the pressure off him. So that makes at least another 4 signings.........Plus Fab stays ofcourse.