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  • Roger E Roger E Jun 7, 2010 20:11 Flag

    AW's Self-imposed Transfer Deadline

    I seem to recall AW saying he was aiming to complete all his transfer dealings before the start of the World Cup.

    Seems to be running out of time !

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    • Season ticket renewals are probably in. Money is in the bank.

      Urgency has suddenly evaporated and he would tell fans to be patient so he can find the right signings.

      Manipulative shit, just like his Madrid comments last year.

      And yet the baa's ring out aloud from the paddocks in some quarters still.

      The club have no compunction with mugging off it's fanbase.

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      • well said...he lied the last transfer window when he said he was gonna get a striker and all we got was sol for free (no disrespect to Sol he actually performed well...)I have asked this in the past does anyone know if Wenger contract has bonuses set if he gets the club to the top 4 AND he is able to do so while the club is turning a profit? AW acts more like a CFO than a football manager...GET THIS THROUGH YOUR FRENCH CHEESE EATING SURRENDER MONKEY HEAD OF YOURS....BUY BUY BUY BUY QUALITY PLAYERS THAT WE NEED


        I hate being lied to

      • Deja Vu. Every end of season we wait in anticipation for for the improvements we need and are promised but alas it seems yet again we will not get what is needed.
        No serious attempts to get a keeper because Wenger still believes Almunia will one day morph into Gordon Banks,this is becoming infuriating no wonder Cesc wants away.
        Swerve, you're right about the season tickets situation it really is all about the money and not the trophies with us it seems.
        We moved to the Emirates we were told so we could compete with the Utd's,Chelsea etc but we have moved because of the revenue increase and nothing else which is taking the piss out of all of our supporters.
        I hope Im wrong about Wenger but if I am not maybe it will be time to hand over to someone with more ambition.

    • Very little that guy says can be counted on.