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  • Swerve Swerve Jun 28, 2010 06:59 Flag

    They STILL are making excuses!

    Watching the post-match interviews of the England players you would think they were hard-done by and Germany got off the hook.

    I am starting to agree with Fred when he says the foreign legions in the PL makes these guys look a lot better than they are.

    Terry was f*cking abysmal and a lot of the trouble both on and off the pitch can be traced back to him.

    I would call time on the "Golden Generation" and start with a new-look younger England side for the Euro's.

    Wilshere anyone?

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    • same result as the yanks and mexico...second tier team bottom line. England is not that good. Best league, but second best international team. Even Ghana have gone farther. Wake up and smell the biscuits: Germany, Argentina, Spain and Brasil just plain know how to play this tournament better. Capello IS to blame because he picked the wrong side to play against a team that was technically better. Dawson should have had the nod over Upson. He got smoked whereas Dawson and Sol wouold have done better. No creative central midfield players kills England again. I'm sad for the nation that has bourne football because I picked them to win the whole thing. They have evrything EXCEPT a creator...they were poor going forward with no impetus. Sorry guys, but just not good enough

    • As bad as they played the ref and lines man practically gave the match to the Germans. That 2nd goal of England's came at a critical moment and 2 goals in 4 minutes just before half time would of meant a completely differnet 2nd half with 2 differnt thinking teams.
      Instead the German's must have been laughing their heads of in the cabin at half time.
      As for 'the Golden Generation' ! Well, the quicker their bags are packed for Internation retirement the better! How can they blame ANOTHER manager whebn it's the same players. I'd start looking in the Championship for England players or perhaps Bolton,Sunderland,etc players.
      The so-called 'GOLDEN GENERATION' was probably started with Beckham and the words should have been 'The EGO MANIAC GENERATION'.
      As I've written, the quicker they disappear the better!
      They might have money and comfortable lives but they'll never have the respect of a nation!!

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      • I agree. England are better player for player but as a team they are horrible. This result has shown that the Premiership is only helping one group of players, the foreigners and not the english based players. All the 20 teams should start producing or allowing young English players to play. We need to see players like Walcott,Rodswell,Young be given them chance at the highest level.
        The future for English football looks bleak but that of German football is bright.

    • Walcott up front then?

    • "i never said lennon was world class etc but he is currently our best & most consistant winger especially when u compare him to swp or theo."

      Easier said when SWP has never been good enough and Theo is not a natural winger. Once Adam Johnson starts breaking into the side and Milner gets more of a run in then we'll see which of the 3 is the best winger for england. Again Lennon has had a better season because Theo has been out injured most season and partially it was his own fault playing for under 21's.

    • to say lennon was shocking is well over the top. he was very average, too quiet & didnt get involved enough.

      yes he under performed but then so did the rest of the team.

      did u not watch the friendly against japan? theo was just the same in that game as lennon was in the WC.

      if u look at last season overall lennon was much more productive & more consistant than theo.

      its easy for u to say theo would have done well in the WC but if he cant even do it in a friendly against japan or regularly for arsenal then he doesnt deserve to go on the plane.

      its intresting that many arsenal fans still think he will become a great player. he could well turn out to be great & for englands sake i hope he does. but its just my personal opinion he will always be average & inconsistant.

      now gibbs is a different story. i strongly believe he will reach his full potential & become the new ashley cole but hopefully minus the attitude!

      gibbs & wilshire will hopefully become future england players but theo no no.

      iam just as biased as u but for lennon. i think lennon is good & has improved his crossing/passing so much this season which is backed up by his assists. its hard to judge & winger in this england team because with rooney/heskey upfront theres not a lot to aim for as usually both are too deep.

      look at the difference when defoe played, suddenly there was someone making good runs that the winger could cross to(like for his goal).
      if u watch defoes goal then keep an eye on rooney. through out the move he stands still in the box. so when lennon played all he had was rooney stood still or heskey deep ready to do a rubbish flick on.

      lennon would have provided so many good crosses for defoe if they had played together for england. a big percentage of defoes goals last season came from lennons assists. if thats still a poor final ball then name someone who has a good final ball.

      i never said lennon was world class etc but he is currently our best & most consistant winger especially when u compare him to swp or theo.

    • meant *these players* agreed on your assessment of Walcott and Lennon however Walcott is still more a forward than winger hence his better finishing and Lennon is more an out and out forward.

    • I'm of the opinion of scrapping the rubbish and the oldies from the so called Golden generation and build for the future.

      There are still many players that are young and should be young enough for the next world cup:


      - Joe Hart will be only 27 before the next WC.
      - Ben Foster 31 before the next WC.
      - add another goalie.


      - Glen Johnson 29 before next WC.
      - Micah Richards 25 before next WC. (That's RB sorted)
      - Shawcross 26 before next WC.
      - Gary Cahill 28 before next WC.
      - James Tomkins 24 before next WC.
      - Mancienne 26 before next WC.
      - Smalling 24 before next WC. (All 5 cb's have PL experience too).
      - Leighton Baines 29 before next WC.
      - Kieran Gibbs 24 before next WC.

      Quite a young defence with an average age of about 26 years which is perfect.


      Milner - 28 before next WC.
      Lennon - 27 before next WC
      Downing - 29 before next WC.
      Ashley Young - 29 before next WC.
      Adam Johnson - 26 before next WC.
      Muamba - 26 before next WC.
      Cattermole - 26 before next WC.
      Rodwell - 23 before next WC.
      Wilshere - 22 before next WC.
      Dan Gosling - 24 before next WC
      Junior Stanislas - 24 before next WC.
      Danny Rose - 23 before next WC.


      Walcott - 25 before next WC
      Rooney - 28 before next WC
      Agbonlahor - 27 before next WC
      Andy Carroll - 25 before next WC
      Sturrdige - 24 before next WC
      Delfouneso - 23 before next WC
      Welbeck - 23 before next WC

      As u can see there is no excuse with a squad like this in about 4 years time, I really believe a squad of this players can be prepared for the next WC.

    • I agree, he should of been on the plane, its just one of many selection mistakes Capello made.

      You're far too biased with Walcott, he's played 23 league games this season, which means he's played one MORE league game than Lennon.

      'Injured all season'.....funny.

    • But why on earth wasn't he even on the plane, even if it is for being a sub. And Emile Heskey was.

      I do believe TW will eventually come better than Lennon, who is not far from being the next overrated England player. TW has :

      -More pace
      -Better finishing
      -Better dribbling
      -But like Lennon, has no end product.

      He's been injured almost all season, so how can people judge them on this season.

    • No he wouldn't, because no matter how bad Lennon was/is, he's still better than Walcott more often than not - its only a minority if blinkered gooners that still persist arguing this one.

      Theo is ONLY useful in the last 20 minutes, end of.

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