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  • The Londoners The Londoners Jul 16, 2010 07:21 Flag

    Replace Wenger?

    Anyone who thinks that its going to be different for Arsenal this season may also believe that pigs can fly. Because at The Emirates, much like this forum, nothing changes.
    Wenger will give you same old spin he always gives on reasons for his failure to deliver, and you fall for it everytime. What is it they call living on passed glories? His time has come, and no matter how hard he tried he never could match SAF. British has always been best, as in the case of Chelsea and Man Utd teams, and hopefully Liverpool again, but not in the case of the England team, who have done nothing since Venables & Robson, and you must ask yourself why? Another reason why Man. City will never rise above Man Utd. When will the penny drop with you, that we can win nothing if the heart isnt home and isnt in it. We gave the world football, but we dont have to be ruled by it. The foreigner managers and players have been laughing all the way to the bank at our expense for years and its about time the likes of Wenger woke up to themselves and did the honourable thing and fell on their sword. Dean was right. There's no fool like an old fool.

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    • Oh dear Eric.

      You pronounce that it will be Arsenal who will 'make way for City' declaring anyone who does not see that 'Eric fact' as stupid and then you duck,run for cover and start spouting utter crap when that is challenged and you are found to be talking bollocks (no change then).

      And to think you have the gall to say it is i who 'excel myself'.

      Isn't it about time you pretended i am on 'ignore' again?


    • Beaky is the worst example of your typical ManUre glory hunting fan. Only supported them since 1993 - probably a Liverpool fan before that.

      Be honest Beaky you've NEVER been to a game as travelling up from Dorset is too much hassle eh?! LOL!!

    • Wow, what a proud record. And where has that got you Pixie?


      You really do excel yourself at times.

      Next, you'll be telling everyone you've actually been to a game.

    • Dear oh dear Swerve.....i know many believe you are just a Manky fan in disguise and at times it is indeed hard to believe but i have always given you the benefit of the doubt and have chosen to believe rather that you are just a fan with a basic lack of understanding of the modern game and all it entails and that you choose to live life with a grey cloud permanently hovering over your worried head.


      Perhaps it is true that Fabregas was not an exact replica of Patrick but i would hope that in terms of quality he is on a par with the great man. Not a bad signing as a 16 year old.


      Clichy i would agree has had his troubles of late but he has not 'gone backwards' Swerve and nor has Sagna for that matter.

      Flamini looked pretty bloody good to me with us and i used him as an example of how Wenger manages to promote from within (time aftert time).

      I suggest you UNDER-rate the players and the side as a whole Swerve and indeed are now so blinkered in your anti-Wenger stance that you see things that just are NOT there! The quote from you declaring Wenger would have our signings 'all done by the world cup' proves my point.

      OH DEAR.

      Also your attitude to signings and 'you get what you pay for' is utter bollocks.....Shevchenko anyone?? I prefer to believe that quality is quality with or without an inflated price and that Wenger has managed to find MANY an 'unpolished diamond' much to the clubs benefit.

      Wenger tries to buy at the right price. What is so wrong with that??

      It is not and will never be 'Wengers club' and i suggest that your 'bollocks' and 'pair of eyes' are causing your brain to disengage and your hand to become sore.


    • Here is what Wenger said about signings this summer, from the OFFICIAL site, not the Daily Swerve


      And he has delivered,

      Now away with you Swerve and your nonsense

    • See this is the funny part where you put an argument forwards and reveal you lack of basic understanding of this issues.

      We haven't replaced Patrick. Ever. That is the problem. People cling to Song's mediocre skills because of the dross that has come between. Flamini was OK, but never quite at the level needed. He should have been the back-up.

      Clichy? The guy is a liability and a clear indication of Wenger not being able to coach defenders as he has gone BACKWARDS since he first arrived on the scene. So has Sagna.

      You over-rate some of these players because they were "free" or cheap - well they still ain't good enough over a full season and against the top class of opposition - which is borne out time and time again every year, and a couple of good results against mediocre sides and you and Slayer have got your red and white vuvuzela's out again.


      Wenger is probably NOT going to sign a keeper (or at least that is how it looks right now, time still for surprises) and is NOT going to address the midfield problem, or FULLY solve the defensive one.

      ....and he said that would all be done by the World Cup.

      Mugged us off again and got the season tickets in.

      It is now Arsene's club and we are merely paying passengers. Some of you are weak enough to be bought easily, some us have a pair of bollocks and a pair of eyes.

      Wenger HAS to spend more money, because what he has bought on the cheap is limited in quality. You get what you pay for.

    • Were you calling for a 'new midfielder' before Flamini played 'midfield' i wonder? Or a new defender before Cliche?? A 'new striker' before Wenger bought a flying winger in Henry? A replacement for Patrick before Fabregas??? A new Keeper before Almunia?? (OK that was a joke).

      No doubt we need improving but that doesn't mean to say we HAVE to 'Buy' now does it Swerve. Surely Wengers record of installing new talent holds up.

      What IS the 'wrong point of view' that was backed in your opinion?

      Its not about waiting for other clubs to go bankrupt now is it Swerve.

      Last but not least the point on 'spending millions'...come off it Swerve there are plenty who believe Wenger should be spending big money and are always voicing that opinion both on here and elsewhere.

    • "true fans with knowledge of the game see what Wenger is doing, what he is up against and back him."

      That you then is it Mandy?

      Visionary amongst the football-parasitic trogladytes (sp?)?

      You self-sanctimonious bastards make me laugh. Every year you sink further into your concocted bollocks to explain away the fact both you and Wenger have been wrong for the last five years, but allude to a "bigger picture" that is out of the sight of those that actually keep calling it how it is.

      And WHO wants Arsenal to go mad and spend millions and millions? WHO? Same old tired and lazy put-down from the side who have had to maintain a condescending tone while realising that really they backed the wrong point of view.

      Unless we sign another defender, another midfielder and a goalie, expect more of the bloody same. Waiting for the top two to go bankrupt so our "domination" can begin may take a bit longer than you foresee.

      But how could that be when you have a such a grasp of everything......?....lol

    • P.S Which team out of the traditional 'Top Four' has the longest unbroken record of finishing 'Top Four'????

      Run along numpty.

    • CHOMP!

      And whats FAR MORE laughable about dumb glory supporters like you Beaky is that you think United have a divine right to be 'top four'.


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