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  • MATTHEW MATTHEW Jul 27, 2010 18:42 Flag

    Sol to Newcastle

    The BBC website is reporting that Sol is having a medical ahead of signing for Newcastle.

    Well that leaves us with just three CBs.

    Sorry Arsene looks like your going to have to blow the cobwebs off; flush out the moths and spend some cash.

    Even the most loyal members of the 'knows best club' couldn't support you not spending now!

    ......And P.S. not an unknown 3 year old from Guinee!!

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    • It's been on the cards for some time, guys, since he hooked up with his missus from up north here. Palatial pad in Northumberland to keep his eye on.

    • This could be the best move that Sol, and we should thank him a real Gunner legend from the invinibles, has done for the club. He stepped in last season when he was required and did a good job for the team. Moving north means we need another CB and if we can get the German world cup team CB in Per Metsacker (if that is the correct spelling) that will be good for the team. Also it looks that a new keeper, again so needed a new No1 in that position, will be coming then with keeping Cesc for this year at least and minimal injuries there can be optimism for the season. After the good preseason start I wish the team well for the Emirates Cup so lets get behind the Club, Team, Players and Management and now be positive. Good luck to all and enjoy.

    • He will buy another experienced CD it is just a question of who that maybe. This is a long shot, but I have a hunch it maybe a french speaker.

    • Wenger is at it AGAIN!!!!

      More out than in every bloody year, never sorts the holes in the team - fannies about and will probably make a late half-hearted bid for someone on deadline day and blame everyone else but himself.

      Then a couple of injuries and BANG there goes the season.

      Thank F*CK his contract is up next year and Cesc might well be the one to drive him away.

      This Groundhog Day sh*t could end up turning the Emirates into the biggest nuthouse in the world because it will drive us all crazy.

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      • Now now Swerve, do please put them back in the pram.
        Please remind me - just how long until the transfer window closes - yes, correct, plenty of time before your obligatory anti Wenger nonsense needs to come into effect.
        Not just Arsenal - have not seen the likes of Utd , Spurs or Chelsea pulling up trees in the transfer market yet - unless you class Smalling as a tree pulled up!
        Just relax and let Wenger do his work.
        Wasn't it you who wanted to replace Wenger with Capello, Lol!

      • remember he said he was going to deal with our transfers before the WC???

      • It's uterly embarassing IMO. And if the rumours are true about Schwarzer we are mucking about over a mil or so for a first choice keeper!!!!!!!! To think having our first choice keeper have the benefit of a few games under his belt with the squad before the season starts and having the squad settled is ludicrous.

        Same goes for CD.

        I understand with the 25 man rule we might have to sell some dead wood but we have enough of them but NOT to deal with the erea where we lost the PL over the last few seasons is an afront to the fans.

        AFC don't care about winning the PL and as a result we might drop out of CL football one of those years, sooner rather then later.

    • I'm quietly hopeful that one of the reasons Sol is gonna go is that he's had a chat with Wenger & been told that theres at least another defender going to be coming in ahead of him - if Sol thought we'd only have the 3 other existing cb's for the season I'd like to think he'd stay as he'd expect to play quite a bit...ergo if he's gonna go, it won't be for a longer deal or for a fat pay at newcastle, more for playing time

      (or maybe all of the above is simply wishful thinking ;) )