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  • lex lex Aug 10, 2010 19:01 Flag

    O'Neill Resigns as Villa Boss

    last year they sold Barry this year it seems they want to Sell both Milner And Ashley Young
    they are 2 of Villas best players
    It also appears they were NOT going to reinvest any of the funds generated into the playing staff
    Villa have one of the smallest first team squads in the prem
    and while the chairman has spent money he has i am told by friends who are fans ect at villa park spent loads on the training center at bodymoor heath and the villa hotel
    It is all very well the credit squeeze ect and coparison with the sale of CR7 but there is not comparison as Fergie had the depth of squad to cope O Niel had already trimmed to the bare bones that could operate at the highest level
    we shall see what sort of manager they attract
    many are wanting to send back their season tickets and if the Villa hire the yank bradley fear the very worsed

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    • O'Neil had the money and time to improve his squad. He has spent more money than the likes of Everton and Spurs. He left because he wouldn't balance the books especially in terms of wages. He insisted on buying english which is great. But money runs out quickly when you do that. Some of these owners including Abramovich are facing tough times and will refuse to just spend spend and spend. Like it or not they are businessmen and at some stage will be looking for a return on their investments

      Ferguson would like to spend big as usual but the owners have been hit very hard by the recession and they have been reduced to even selling some of their assets. In fact, Man U is saving their asses from bankruptcy