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  • VictorS VictorS Aug 11, 2010 07:19 Flag

    Let The 'Games' Begin

    yes AW has done exactly what he said he was gonna do..."he addressed the goaltending situation" by"addressing that there is a goaltending situation" rofolo...he didnt say he was gonna SOLVE the problem, brutal ...

    transfers in disarray, we have liverpool this weekend, CB issue, GOALIE ISSUES...etc etc BUT hey lets gamble with 3 pts that we can lose this weekend by HOPING almunia doesnt lose his mind during a match...its only 3 it shouldnt matter much in THIS preem season....

    while AW and the Arsenal transfer team suffers from analysis paralysis deciding WHO we can sign as our goaltender.....the rest of us have to endure a white knuckle game with morons in net