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  • VictorS VictorS Aug 24, 2010 08:01 Flag

    2 games in, ManU spammers are in hiding

    i love it.... on Saturday it was Paul Scholes this, Rooney that history the past the past blah blah blah lol

    now........silence....Manu is gonna slip hard and SAF is such an egomaniac that he wont allow that to tarnish his legacy (and he does have an impressive legacy) but having said that when it all begins to come down crashing around him, when Man city begin to dominate and he cant turn to the transfer market to make things right (because there is no cash) he will be the first to jump ship...mark my words....

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    • i think the post is a bit moronic, every board is the same after a bad result, go look at the liverpool board, nothing except spam, so a bit unfair really as this board is just the same, bar the usual ones who support through thick and thin, i was on the board after the game, as i usually am,and i could point to gooner fans who are on the board when they lose, but its always the same ones, then the plastics, its the same with uniteds board, but the best part of the post, is the poster is the worst one for hiding, or creating a new id so he can still trawl without looking so dumb, but he always gets found out.
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