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  • Fabongrass Fabongrass Aug 28, 2010 23:39 Flag

    Theo WHO???

    Tell you what for a 21 year old kid who cant shoot and cant pass and with no footballing brain whatsoever and whose only attribute is that he can run as quick as Christopher does to catch the train for 'Gay pride'.......

    He looks bloody good to me!!!

    Confuscious he say " Patience is a virtue".

    Oh how SMUG those faithful Gooners who ALWAYS KNEW just how good the lad was must be feeling now huh?


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    • It was fun watching Hansen wriggle!

      Talk about a climb down.

      I reckon they only pay him for comedic value.

    • Nice to see Lineker and Shearer sticking up for Theo and shutting up Hansen. Specially Shearer well done for stressing that Theo is still only 21 and learning the game.

    • I think eventually he should be moved into the left wing position. In the past and present our right footed left wing players seem to profit from the fact that they can cut into their right foot and use the inside of their boot to finish. Just like Pires, Arsh and henry himself at Barce. I think Later on Walcott should be moved on to the left and the likes of Vela, Nasri, Landsbury, Watt should be all given the chance to play that position.

      Also completely agree Walcott cannot play as the lone striker, our current formation and play requires our St to hold the ball often and play through the wingers like Arsh and Theo.

      I think if Wenger could buy the likes of Young or Gabby it would be an absolute deadly frontline which defenders would piss themselve silly. Not that AFC already dont! lol

    • That makes perfect sense to me Leo and i would say that i am also happy with the position Theo plays at the moment.

      That said i would still love to see him with the freedom to roam all over the front line as Henry did.

      Henry almost played as an extra left winger at times he drifted wide so often when playing as forward.

      I guess i just long for the halcyon days of Thierry once more but i am sure Theo would be wonderful in a more central role in time and surely that would give us yet another option upfront when VP is out injured.


    • You're right of course. I've just never had that feeling from watching Theo that he's striker material, I prefer him playing wide myself.

      And in our new 4-3-3 system (which looks like it's staying, what with all the youth and the reserve sides also employing it) you need a different kind of CF than you do in a 4-4-2, we saw how Eduardo couldn't play as the lone striker in our new formation. The thing about our 4-3-3 is that we don't really have 'wingers' anyway, they're more like inside-forwards. A bit like Pires was in fact. So in a way, Theo is already playing as a 'forward'.

      .....did any of that make sense?

    • One factor which always will hold Theo back is his size, while he has the pace and talent, his physical size will always hold him back to a centre degree. Henry even was no Drogba he sould hold of players and hold the ball effectively. I think Abonghlahor has more likeness to Henry.

      However being small will always have its own advantage. Look what messi can do againts larger defences. He leaves them chasing shadows.

    • great to see his confidence coming back...he sems to be enjoying it a lot more...the burden of pressure (expectations, england duties) really showed in his play last season

      go for it Theo keep the pace

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      • I wouldn't expect 20 Fenix but even 15 in the season with about 10 in the league will do for me. As long as Theo keeps getting assists as well i'm happy, expect the miserable b@5t@rd Alan Hansen to still try picking out faults in theo's performance today. Last week was a home game this was a tough away one and he still did well, what's Hansen's excuse now?

        That being said if Theo continues even 70% of the kind of form he has shown in the last 2 games throughout the season, he would do really well for us.

    • Never doubted him for a moment! 20+ Goals this season! As long as he stays fit!

    • He can still improve in many areas, but this is a very very good start to the season.

      I think you may see him fluctuate with form this year, and I hope someone doesn't try and crock him.

    • What a superb way to respond to his many critics even though most of the flak leveled against him are unfair.

      Another good performance by Theo against a physically robust team.

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      • you may recall the ENGLAND TWAT MANAGEMENT TEAM and the IDIOT that is STURAT PEARCE insisting on taking Theo to the under 21 euros even though i believe Theo had a slight injury
        Wenger was not happy said openly to the same t@@sers derision that Theo's development would suffer well who was right

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