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  • VictorS VictorS Aug 29, 2010 02:19 Flag

    Theo WHO???

    great to see his confidence coming back...he sems to be enjoying it a lot more...the burden of pressure (expectations, england duties) really showed in his play last season

    go for it Theo keep the pace

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    • I wouldn't expect 20 Fenix but even 15 in the season with about 10 in the league will do for me. As long as Theo keeps getting assists as well i'm happy, expect the miserable b@5t@rd Alan Hansen to still try picking out faults in theo's performance today. Last week was a home game this was a tough away one and he still did well, what's Hansen's excuse now?

      That being said if Theo continues even 70% of the kind of form he has shown in the last 2 games throughout the season, he would do really well for us.

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      • We might yet see him play through the middle.

        How many goals then i wonder?

        Wenger repeated just last week i believe that this he where he sees Theo playing eventually.

        Next Henry?

        I wouldn't bet against it myself.

        Easy to forget he is only 21 years of age and that he has a long long career ahead of him yet.

      • 4 Goals in Three Games cant ask for more than that really from a player who is still 21. I was joking when I said 20+. never seen the board filled with so much positiver energy. Lets hope he keeps this form up. At the end of the day you can only beat the team which is in front of you. even if he does not perform against the other top teams, I will be satisfied by always beating the teams AFC is suppose to.

        I think he might be able to break the 20 gaol mark barrier as he will most likely play most of the Prem, CL and FA cup games.