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  • Govinda Govinda Sep 3, 2010 14:41 Flag

    Any one dissapointed we didn't sign a keeper?

    Merson appears to be but what does he know about football. Not as much as the AKB fools.


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    • Yeh, but look, brickie Wenger's built you a new stadium all on his own.

      The stadium is only 4 years old and needs refurbishing already? How jerry built is it?

    • from Arsenal truth

      They've just lavishly blown £3.2m refurbishing Arsenal's bars and restaurants, while the fans pay the highest ticket prices in Europe to watch two arseholes chucking the ball in their own net every other week

      so apt...so we as a club would rather spend money 3.2 million fixing up our bars and restaraunts instead of offering shwarzer another million? hahah brutal....

      the mentality it seems is why spend? its not gonna add any more people to the stands? we are at capacity...so lets just go out there put on a show, have ball possession for 65% of the game and still tie 1-1

      bloody frustrating

    • I agree with Merson when he says Schwarzer is not a big improvement on Almunia. I was never thrilled with the idea of a 37 year old becoming our number 1. Van der Sar is an exception to the rule and Schwarzer is no Van der Sar.

      Given as stated by Merson would have been just the Man for the job. But obviously Man City wouldn't have sold him, not to us. But next year might be a different story if he has to warm the bench for a season. Even if Almunia has a cracker of a season, I would be happy to see Given at Arsenal next season.

      Coming back to Almunia, One has to feel sorry for the man. If he makes an error, he is slated for it and there is an air of "we knew this was coming". And when he does go save a game for us or keep the scoreline relatively respectable as again Barca, people either fail to notice it or brush it off saying it was a fluke!

      I am no Almunia fan. He will be a great GK for a middle table side. Arsenal deserves a GK with more skills and talent. I like the bloke and it is unfair the way the media and the fans treat him. He simply can't do anything right in their eyes! He is simply at the wrong place at the wrong time! Pun absolutely intended!

      Almunia won't cost us the EPL. But he won't be winning it for us either. As Merson mentioned a guy like Given will save us 10 points a season. Almunia will do well not to cost us any points! Fabianski will COST us more than 10 points! So let's pray Almunia stays healthy or we all have to bear witness to the comedy school of goalkeeping ala Flapianski!

    • What's done is done, Mar. Even Fab, an absolute Arsenal zealot, wanted a new goalie. There's no point getting worked up about now until January.

      Still havn't heard from AW yet though. Will it be the same bullshit as every year?