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    Change your team, not the game, Arsene

    I am sorry but why should wenger change the arsenal team to suite teams like stoke city and black bur that play boring thug football those team should be in league one and two so that team that play good football not thug football get their chances at the premier league i love beautiful and hard football but hate thug football

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    • but if we all deny our own players ever do a bad tackle like arsenal fans do, then surely there are no bad tackles in the game.

      so no problem.

    • I think I'm really from the "if Arsenal think it just happens to them and they never do it to others then they are hypocrites" brigade actually.

      I'd like to see all injuries disappear from the game too. But actually, most injuries seem to be caused by stressing the body too hard, over-training and over-playing. Very few injuries are caused by dirty tackling.

      I really do think Wenger has a persecution complex about this. And Arsenal fans are too fond of following it. The Shawcross-Ramsay incident is a classic. The video strongly suggests that Shawcross was either not at fault at all or was at less fault than Ramsay. But Arsenal fans just find him guilty because it suits their prejudice.


    • This is getting frankly ridiculous, people are actually arguing for keeping bad challenges in the game..? How can this be?

      It doesn't matter whether or not Arsenal have been guilty of bad challenges in the past, the point is that we should be trying to eradicate them from the game because they do pose a danger to other players.

      The way that some players go in for the tackle nowadays (including some Arsenal players) is just plain reckless, they go in full force just hoping to get something whether it be ball or player and it inevitably leads to injuries, there is no art or skill in these kinds of tackles and frankly the game can do without them.

      Why any football fan would argue to keep these sorts of challenges in the game is beyond me, some people are incapable of seeing the good in change.

    • It was a broken ankle to be precise before you start shoving wiki down my throat if you want some links here is one....


      The lad is a thug qed.

    • sorry Robert but franny Jeffers did suffer a broken leg sorry wiki is not the most reliable source!!

    • I can see your very much from the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" brigade Rob. Brian Clough went through the same 40 years ago when criticizing dirty Leeds and hatchet men from other teams like Chopper Harris etc to howls of abuse. My opinion as I say is if Mark Hughes who played the game hard is coming out with the same opinions as Wenger then there has to be something in this.

      Lets take the Stoke v Fulham game the other night. Stoke cruising 2-0 and game petering out. Then right at the end Andy Wilkinson lunges in on Dembele and injures him. What was his motivation when his team had safely won? Maybe he is told by his nmanager to go in hard and rough up opposition for the full 90 mins. Whatever it was a crude challenge and showed he is another one that can't tackle properly.

      My belief is people need educating on this issue. After all hasn't football evolved from the 70's/80's? Or can't it?

    • Going back a few years, but lets not forget the Ian Wright challenge on Schmeiche in 97 I think. Awful two footed lunge straight at the great danes legs.

      Wenger was more than happy with that challenge being "fair" at the time if I remember correctly.

      You reap what you sow.....

    • "he broke Franny Jeffers leg back in 2007"

      According to Wiki it was damaged ankle ligaments.

      "every broken leg or extreme bad challenge in the last few years has been carried out by an English player"

      Not true at all. Two of the worst I remember were:
      - Adebayor on Ashley Cole in your 1-0 win over us at the Emirates a couple of years ago. It looked like Adebayor was trying to shatter Cole's kneecap. Happily he failed.
      - Michael Essien on Dietmar Hamann which got him a retrospective UEFA ban.

      I can think of many bad fouls against Chelsea players which I won't bother to list and nothing to do with English players. And I won't even mention Eboue.


    • No he broke Franny Jeffers leg back in 2007. You may view this as Arsenal fans feeling victimised Rob but when someone like Mark Hughes is starting to share the same opinion (and lets be honest he was no shrinking violet as a player) then there has to be credence in it.

      IMO it is no coincidence that every broken leg or extreme bad challenge in the last few years has been carried out by an English player who has been promoted from a lower division and whose skills levels are nowhere near the level of the players they do this to. I think the F.A should look at this and maybe set up courses for fair tackling in order to eradicate this unpleasant side of the game which unfortunately is becoming more prevalent as time goes on.

    • As the man says there are rules and there are penalties. It seems to me only Arsenal fans who claim that Stoke and Blackburn are thugs out to get them.

      If Wenger and Arsenal fans continue with this whingeing a lot longer you'll start to make yourselves look stupid. I think the rest of the world's view on it is more like this:

      Wenger has assembled a squad of five-a-side players, and now seems baffled that his group of lightweight flair players cannot handle the perfectly legitimate physical contact that comes with professional football.
      Carlo Ancelotti's Chelsea have shown it is perfectly possible to combine brawn with brilliance - outscoring Arsenal by 20 Premier League goals last season.

      Yet rather than stiffening up his squad with a few bruisers - as he did in the 90s when the horrifically dirty Gilles Grimandi was his curly haired enforcer - Wenger has taken to whingeing.

      Your players are the smallest and lightest in the Premiership. Chelsea's are the biggest and heaviest. If that is the difference between the two teams then whingeing about Blackburn and Stoke is beside the point.


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