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  • badboy badboy Sep 24, 2010 04:33 Flag

    Wojcech Sczeny

    I was depressed seeing Fabiansky in goal for Arsenal on Tuesday and I believe Szceny is better or at least should have been given a chance to prove himself.

    But whats all this about going to the press to slag off AW's team selection ...I sort of found it shocking and he may have even worsened his chances of appearing in the Cups....thats not how we conduct ourselves at AFC ..after all we are not the Chavs or Citeh...threats???.where the hell did that come from?...

    I am sure he has talent but I certainly hope he is not like Bendtner who is clearly deluded about his abilities...its one thing to have a good half season in a division 2 side ..but is is a whole other kettle of fish to be the number 1 at AFC....

    I was very keen to see him live up to all the hype but I am beggining to question his temperament and judgement....the 2 most important qualities in a keeper after obviously the skill...

    ... I am not sure why AW is not playing him but he must have his reasons...if he had passed the test with AW ...just like Cesc did at 17 he would be number 1 by ...now...

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    • Indeed.

      Flog him to Accrington Stanley.

    • I completely agree. He clearly is talented, but coming out like that to the press was totally wrong (if he did it, I wouldn't be surprised if Sky just made it up, or at least twisted his words).

      Soccernet have some quotes from Wenger in response to Szczesny:


      I agree with what Wenger is saying, he has to show more patience, and he isn't worthy of a run in the first team yet. Shot-stopping at a lower league club is completely different to keeping you concentration for a top club.

      BUT, I think Wenger often trusts his players too much. Flamini told Wenger he would stay, and he didn't. Sometimes our manager is too trusting. When he speaks to the media, he is too trusting, he gives his honest opinion, and usually they play him for a mug and twist his words around.

      It sums it up when Wenger says:

      "When you educated a player like we do with Szczesny, who arrives at the age of 16, it is a long-term investment which costs a lot of money, so you want to keep the players."

      And this line from Szczesny is just weird: "I'd love to play for Arsenal but am expecting more than a few words [from Wenger] at a press conference that 'one day Wojciech will be the No. 1'." Who refers to themselves in the third person?!

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      • If Wenger doesn't think Szczesny is ready, then he obviously isn't ready. Why would Wenger hold him back if he was, out of some kind of emotional attachment to Fabianski? Wenger has moved on far better players than the flappy Pole to make way for hot prospects, so I don't believe that for one moment.

        What I do believe is that Arsenal fans have built up Szczesny into some kind of goalkeeping saviour, and all without having seen him play. They have assumed, with barely any evidence, that Szczesny MUST be better than Fabianski and Almunia. The same way fans over the summer called out for us to buy David James, or Robert Green, or A N Other because they're obviously better than anything we have and are doing so amazingly well for their clubs at the moment......... ahem.

        I've seen the video highlights of Szczesny where he's made some fantastic wonder saves for Brentford. Do they prove he's ready for the PL, or even for a CC tie in the white-hot atmosphere of White Hart Lane? No, it just proves he's capable of making wonder saves in League One.

        Any goalkeeper can look world-class on a youtube clip. I'm yet to see Szczesny play for 90 minutes, and being tested. I have no idea how he copes with long balls and set pieces, what his concentration is like, if he's consistent or will make a brilliant save one moment but do something stupid the next. And even if he had proved himself consistent and strong in the air, etc., there's no guarantee he could transfer that from League One into the PL where the power, speed, technique and pressure is so much higher.

        Szczesny is clearly very talented, otherwise Wenger would not proclaim him as a future Arsenal no.1. But the manager and his staff see Szczesny close up everyday, they watched him at Brentford, they know him very well. And judging by their track record with young players, if they don't believe he's ready, they are probably right.