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  • Mandy D Mandy D Sep 24, 2010 22:56 Flag

    Arsenal FC - A financial miracle


    Incredible isnt it, especially when you compare our situation with rivals - see end of article.

    Congratulations are due to the visionaries that make up the board, to Gazidis and of course to Arsenal Wenger.
    When the dark day comes and Wenger leaves his post, he will leave it knowing the club is light years ahead of what he inherited. And he has played a big part in that.
    Something far beyond financial security, money to spend for the next manager, a great squad, a world wide scouting network and a youth policy the envy of the footballing world.
    Yes, the infra structure is now in place for years of success and the team now have to begin delivering trophies.
    The present is bright and the future even brighter, unlike for some I could mention. Fans should be thankful we did not go down the benefactor / buyout by putting the club in debt route. Maybe quick fixes and a couple of trophies could have been available in the last few years, but these would have been at a cost, as Liverpool and Utd and others are finding out
    Arsene Wenger and co have now transformed the club in the most miraculous way. From a 38000 seater stadium, with limited revenue, a worrying financial future - to the best run, most sustainable football club on the planet. And, incredibly, we have remained in the Top 10 in Europe during this transition.
    Arsene, I salute you

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    • so lord wneger done it all on his own, or has he been managing a trophyless team for the past 6 years while the people behing the club done all this, wenger manges the team, training, scouting, not the finances you wallys.
      well done to them but 3 league titles in 15 years and no european trophy makes wenger a good manager........but a lord, maybe fauntleroy.....................still way behing the sir and the mighty united,
      but you do have money, so no excuses for failure AGAIN this year

    • Thanks for the link. The bit that struck home was that debt is 139 million and there are 3 more sections of property developments to sell. It appears we maybe debt free within the near future. Surely, this can only mean a greater quality of players in the years ahead..

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      • Yes, we will have the money for quality players, when required to supplement the waves of Jack Wilsheres and Gibbs starting to come through.
        These must be the most impressive financials certainly in English football history, and to think - the club have paid down that much debt in the worst recession for 60 years! And what a profit! Yes we soon will be debt free £139m and rapidly falling - as you correctly state with more money to come from the properties.
        Wenger transformed not only the club but much of English football when he arrived. Looks like he is doing it yet again.
        These financials, stunning as they are - not really what does it for fans but it looks like we have the infra structure and personnelin place for success, trophies, beautiful football and ultimately domination for years to come. Our rivals will be mired in debts or living at the whims of sugar daddies, some will not be able to play in the CL.
        All comes to those who wait, our wait will soon be at an end.
        Arsene, thanks for our recent past, present and future

    • 'Light years ahead of what he inherited ' indeed.

      Top TOP club.

      And its only just begun.

    • You only have to look at the title of that link:-

      Liverpool bust, Man U bust, Arsenal’s amazing profits.

      Fabulous news from the best run club in the Premiership. Arsene, the Board and everyone else connected with the club - I salute you too.