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    Why arsenal won't win the league

    To be honest i did not see arsenal as preimer league winners from the day wenger said that Almunia would be first choice in goal simply because he can't keep a clean sheet. whereas joe hart last season at Birmingham keep more clean sheets in goal then our dear Almunia.

    secondly Out of all the centre back that we have only thomas vermaelen gets my vote. i am not sure about the other two guys. i saw some clips of Koscielny aganist bolton he looked good but again guys remember he was at fault for arsenal when arsenal played blackburn rovers rememeber diouf lever aganist him and Clichy where at fault for the goal.. this other french guy Squillaci i am yet to see the best of him. what arsenal need is a good goal keeper,
    a tony adam martin keown type of centre back and a sol campbell type of centre back when sol was still at his prime then only then will we win the preimer league and champions league. but for now i think maybe the carling cup and fa cup would be our only choice if you ask me

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    • we have 7 first team players out injured, that make a big difference , so we cant rest players at the moment for midweek matches. i believe if we had our full squad, we would not have drawn or lost games. yesterdays game would have been over by half time if van persie walcott fab bentner were all fit. makes a big difference when we have more available. and yes, we can still win the league. utd and chelsea are not playing brilliant at the moment. utd just about scrapped a draw with bolton a team we hammered 4-1
      and chelsea lost to city so both them teams will have more hiccups through the season. also its early days yet, we will play better when we have a full team at least we can have the luxury of reasting players when all 7 injured players return.