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  • Mandy D Mandy D Sep 26, 2010 21:33 Flag

    Got out of jail this weekend

    West Brom was a shocking performance.
    Wenger really has to act on the keeper situation, maybe time for the younger Pole. He needs a full and frank review of and the cause and effects for our numerous injuries, we regularly seem to be without majority of the first choice spine of the team these days. Yesterday, we were without Verm, Cesc, Van Persie and dare I say Bendtner, not to mention Theo. Seems a regular occurrence these days.
    But that is no excuse for a performance like that. Replacements for the aforementioned should be capable of dealing with West Brom at home, if they are not, some should be shipped out

    But - and it is a bigger but than possessed by Yaya Toure and Sol put together - thanks to the completely inept performances by rivals, that defeat was not as damaging as by rights it should have been.
    Chelsea fall miserably at their first test, Man Utd provide further proof they can no longer defend and that Rooney is somewhere awol, City - good result but their negative tactics will cost over the season, Spurs - not even worth a mention
    Bad but could have been worse, much worse

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