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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 3, 2010 01:21 Flag

    Wenger, sort this mess out, urgently......

    .....starting from Sunday's game v Chelsea.

    Am I the only one who thinks that our players have let the club down big time in the last couple of weeks?

    For some inexplicable reasons they've managed to squander 5 points in our last 2 matches as we all know, at this rate we'll win fu-ck all again come the end of the season.

    Man City, TottScum, and WBA have the same number of points as ourselves. Although the latter two have played a game than us. Looking down the table, both Stoke City and Villa have accumulated 1 less point than Arsenal which is very sad to say the truth. I know the league is strong and it's still early days but at the end of the day it's the team which makes most of its opportunities that would be triumphant come May.

    Out of the top 3, only Chelsea players deserve credit and can hold their heads high because they have made most of their chances. Even if the lose at the Bridge tomorrow, they would still be the league leader.

    I'm not going to kid myself anymore the way the Man U lot are doing presently by believing that they are good enough.

    Man U are sh1t, period.

    The only reason they are still in the race is simply because of the ineptitude of the oppositions forwards. Some of the chances Sunderland had today were gilt-edged which fell to Malbranque, Zenden, and Elmohamady. But, Sunderland let them off the hook again just like Valencia did in midweek.

    Going back to Arsenal, we need to toughen up at the back and starting converting most of our chances if we were to stand a chance of ending our trophy-less drought. The injury excuse, as bad as they've been this season would not wash with the fans if we fail to win a trophy this season...

    It's time to deliver Wenger!